Wake the Hero with Wesley Chapman

Wesley Chapman of Wake the Hero joins us on The SHAIR Podcast

Fun in Recovery with Stephanie

In Episode 70 of Far From Finished Stephanie talks about deciding to move into a sober living and how it’s been a huge factor in her recovery. Sober living has reignited her brain and made her accountable for her actions.

Growing Up Fast

In Episode 69 of Far From Finished Bianca talks about what she needs to do to help enhance her recovery. She knows she needs to learn and grow by listening to rules and following directions. She’s keeping a positive attitude because she knows she’s going to be someone in life.

Finding Love in Treatment – Pt. 2 with Matt

In Episode 68 of Far From Finished Matt talks about meeting his wife in treatment and how it was a positive bonus meeting someone who wanted to get their life together at the same time for the right reasons. He credits her with helping him during his everyday routine in life.

Atheists, Agnostics, and Addiction Recovery with Joe C.

What might a higher power look like for atheists or agnostics?

Joe C. is here to shed some light on atheists and agnostics, and how they understand the Twelve Steps and succeed without the belief in a supernatural higher power.

The Way Out Podcast Game Show – Blasts from Podcasts Past with “O”

This week we bring you the first ever Game Show in the history of The Way Out Podcast.

Yoga for Internal Healing from Addiction with Kyczy Hawk

Can yoga help maintain long-term sobriety?

The Way Out Podcast Episode 68 – Get to Know Omar “O” Pinto

This week; with a heart over filleth with gratitude and joy I bring you a show featuring the incomparable Omar Pinto from the Shair Podcast.

Building an Ethical Culture with Tom Garofola

Today, I’m joined by Tom Garofola, Chief Marketing Officer of Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers.

Finding Love in Treatment – Pt. 1 with Michelle

In Episode 67 of Far From Finished Michelle talks about meeting her husband while in treatment in Texas. They met each other at a very beautiful time in their lives when they were ready to change and be better. Every goal they’ve set, they’ve accomplished together.

Students Coming Together to Say No to Drugs: Drug Free Clubs of America

Greg interviews community leaders, administrators and students at a recent rally for Drug Free Clubs of America(DFCA). Drug Free Clubs are high school and middle school clubs in which students agree to remain drug free and submit to random drug screenings throughout the year. In return, they receive perks like prizes and discount cards. The recent rally for 8 new drug free clubs in Chillicothe, Ohio included 8 schools and over 1500 students.

Chico Lewis & Roger Lowe, Needle Exchange, Part Two

In this episode of the Cover2 Podcast, Greg continues his interview with Chico Lewis and Roger Lowe on-site at the Free Clinic Needle Exchange in Cleveland. They discuss the alarming growth of the opioid epidemic, particularly the effect which Chico has seen from the increasing use of fentanyl.

Intervention Roundtable with Louise Stanger, Sara Counes, Phil Plant and Arthur Westinghouse

Today, I’m excited to bring you a roundtable discussion all about interventions with Louise Stanger, Sara Counes, Phil Plant and Arthur Westinghouse.

The Importance of Creating Connections

In Episode 66 of Far From Finished Althea talks about the impact community has brought to her life. Its provided a sense of connection and belonging. The relationships she’s made in her recovery have been for her the most rewarding thing.

Fending Off Relapse: Interview with Tom Stuber, LCADA Way

Greg interviews Tom Stuber, president and CEO of LCADA Way Wellness and Recovery. Tom reviews the treatment records of Greg’s son Sam and talks about the process of relapse. Greg clarifies that this review is not for the purpose of blaming anyone, but rather to uncover any information that may help other families with a loved one who is addicted.

Reading the Signs of Addiction: Detective Piatchek, Palm Beach County Sheriff Dept.

Detective Piatchek discusses how to detect the signs of opioid addiction in a family member and how to potentially prevent an overdose. Detective Piatchek works in the Palm Beach County Sheriff Office in the Violent Crimes and Homicide Division.

Break the Stigma of Addiction: Travis Bornstein, Founder of Breaking Barriers

Travis discusses the stigma of addiction and how we can break it through unity and love. He is the founder of Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive, located in Uniontown, OH. Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive is a resource for people and families who are struggling with the disease of addiction. Through training, education and bringing awareness both locally and nationally, Breaking Barriers – Hope is Alive helps addicts get the resources and support they deserve.

How Healthcare Policy Impacts Treatment with Michael Barnes

For today’s episode, I sat down with Michael Barnes, attorney and managing partner at DCBA Law and Policy in Washington, DC, a firm that provides strategic counsel for organizations in the areas of healthcare and drug safety.

How Angela Entered Adulthood a Sober Woman

In Episode 65 of Far From Finished Angela talks about working in addiction treatment — encouraging people to not leave until they’ve seen the miracle of recovery happen to them. She’s seen miracles on top of miracles from people who stick around and do the work.

Understanding Google’s New Search Ad Regulations with Dan Gemp

My guest today is Dan Gemp, president and CEO of Dreamscape Marketing, a creative firm that provides digital marketing solutions for companies in the addiction and mental health treatment field.