Latest Episodes

The Art of Handling Mistakes in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 169

This week we’re going to help you better understand the art of handling mistakes in Recovery. We’re going to give you real practical tips and sage spiritual truth that will indeed be the antidote for what’s ailing you, so Listen Up.

Protecting Your Recovery During the Holidays – The Way Out Podcast Episode 167

We’ve got a timely episode for you on Navigating the Holidays in Recovery. We’ve got just the thing for you this Holiday with helpful insights &12 Tips to Stay clean, sober, joyful & Serene all throughout & after this magical time of year. Listen Up.

A.A. Rule Number 62 | Don’t Take Yourself Too….Seriously – The Way Out Podcast Episode 166

This week we’re talking all about Rule 62 of the 12-Step program Alcoholics Anonymous – Don’t take yourself so damn seriously. We’ll share feedback from the Sober and Serious community and take your calls, so Listen Up.

Addressing the Unofficial 13th Step – The Way Out Podcast Episode 165

Nary a topic in Recovery invites more heated discussion and debate than that of Step 13. This week we’re taking controversy head-on as we dedicate an entire episode to the oft-discussed, mostly misunderstood and definitely unofficial Step 13. Listen Up!

12 Step Series: Step 12 – The Way Out Podcast Episode 164

This week we’re concluding our series on the 12 Steps with Step 12. we’ll take you through what Step 12 is, how and why we work it, and what we can expect as we implement Step 12 into our life and program of recovery, so Listen Up.

12 Step Series: Step 11 – The Way Out Podcast Episode 163

We’re driving toward the conclusion of our series on the 12 Steps with our focus on Step 11. This episode will give you an understanding of what this Step is, how to work it, and what we can expect once we begin this practice in our own lives, so #ListenUp.

Joshua Shea | The Hidden Addiction – The Way Out Podcast Episode 162

This week we’re interviewing author Joshua Shea. Joshua’s honesty is at once disarming & on point, realizing that though the externalities of porn & sex addiction are rather distinct, the underlying causes & conditions are quite universal. So #ListenUp.


Mark Scheeren | The Freedom Model – The Way Out Podcast Episode 161

Today’s guest is Mark Scheeren. We’ve got a very different perspective on Addiction & Recovery in an interview with him. Mark is the co-author of The Freedom Model of Addiction, the first non 12 Step methodology to treat #addiction & #alcoholism. So #ListenUp!

Jeremiah Campbell is Destined to Be – Way Out Podcast 160

This week we bring you a captivating discussion with Jeremiah Campbell. Jeremiah’s anything but picture-perfect trek to #Recovery is at once enlightening, inspirational & jam-packed with spiritual & recovery goodness so #ListenUp.