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Rich Stimbra: How to Become a Recovery Comedian and the Worst Audition Tape he’s ever Received

In this episode Jamie talks with recovery comedy booker Rich Stimbra. This ep is very specific to aspiring comics or aspiring recovery comics. Putting on a comedy show. The elements to make a successful comedy show, etc.

Mark Lundholm from Suicide Attempt to Success

Mark Lundholm has performed in all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. From world-renowned musicians, heads of state, Fortune 500 companies to rehabilitation centers and convicted felons, Mark has truly entertained on the world’s stage.  He’s appeared on Comedy Central, Showtime, A&E, CBS, and NBC. Mark wrote and performed his own one-man show off-Broadway in New York City reaching critical acclaim, and in his spare time created the now staple DVD series, Humor in Treatment and the Recovery Board Game.  One thing is clear about Mark Lundholm – he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Tom Simmons: How not to respond to internet trolls, addiction and creativity

Jamie talks with clear headed comedian Tom Simmons. Tom is a prolific, opinionated comedian that has appeared on BET, Laughs TV, and currently spends his time touring and hosting the popular internet television show “So Then There’s This.”


Rob Schneider: Best Seinfeld story ever. Leno and Rock’s best comedy advice. Being friends with Farley.

You know him as a comedian and actor. A former cast member of SNL, creating classic characters like Richmeis “the copy guy.” He’s done over 50 movies with Adam Sandler. He’s an accomplished stand-up comedian with a special on Netflix and probably 100 appearances on Late night shows. But there is a lot more to Rob Schneider.  We get into comedy, acting, being friends with” being friends with addicts, Chris Farley and Robin Williams and what those guys were like.

Why Sober People Suck but Addicts are the Greatest with Legendary Radio Host Ron Bennington

Ron Bennington is a legend. He is one the greatest interviewer and radio hosts of all time and also happens to be in recovery.

Guest Nikki Glaser (Conan, Leno, CC Roast of Rob Lowe, Judd Apatow’s ‘Trainwreck’)

In the second episode of iQuit, Jamie interviews hilarious comedian and television host Nikki Glaser, who just happens to be the person that got him sober.

Nikki Glaser has appeared in Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck”, the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, was the co-host of Nikki and Sarah on MTV for two seasons, and starred in “The Not Safe Show” on Comedy Central. Her Comedy Central special “Perfect” is available on Comedy Central now.

Emmy-nominated comedian and writer Jesse Joyce on quitting, superpowers, and almost dying.

In this podcast series ex-blacked out comedian Jamie Lissow interviews world-class comedians/actors/artists that have quit something (drinking, drugs, etc) to discuss the tactics, tools, and routines that they use to maintain this success and avoid relapse.