The Sober Nation with Tim Stoddart – Sobriety Blueprint Podcast Episode 12

Today’s guest is Tim Stoddart, the CEO of Stodzy Inc, Owner of Sober Nation and early startup investor. Tim says he comes from a family where everyone is either in recovery or clearly not. He always felt uncomfortable growing up and never felt “cool” with himself. Sports and skateboarding helped for a time, but then drugs and alcohol became the answer. Not long after that Tim made it into treatment, connected with his cousin who was actively involved in NA, and started working a 12 Step program of recovery.

Amy Demone | Battling Anxiety and Growing Without 12 Steps – Self Made and Sober Ep42

Today’s guest is Amy Demone. Amy is a virtual assistant turned marketing operations specialist that works with six-figure coaches that want to take over the world… err, their industry. She’s also the founder and head mentor at Virtually Free®, which is the part of her business that helps current and wannabes virtual assistants grow a business that gives them the freedom and cash flow, that they deserve.

SRC Guest Spotlight with Arlina Allen – The Shair Podcast Episode 246

Arlina Allen is a writer, the host of the international podcast “The ODAAT Chat Podcast,” and founder of Sober Life School. Sober since 1994, Arlina has been married for 21 years and is the mother of two teenage boys. Today, Arlina joins us live in the SHAIR Recovery Community for an exclusive Q&A with our members!

12 Step Series: Step 11 – The Way Out Podcast Episode 163

We’re driving toward the conclusion of our series on the 12 Steps with our focus on Step 11. This episode will give you an understanding of what this Step is, how to work it, and what we can expect once we begin this practice in our own lives, so #ListenUp.

3 Stupid, Disgusting, and Ridiculous Things I Did When I Was Drunk – Sober Guy Radio Ep289

Today, I wanted to lighten things up a bit this week and share some of my not so proud moments of stupidity, disgustingness, and ridiculousness. Listen up and learn how to accept, forgive, redeem, and sometimes laugh at the crazy situations we sometimes find ourselves in.

What Is Harm Minimization? A Conversation With Joe Shrank – Soberful Podcast Episode 67

What is harm minimization? Does it work? Is it enabling or life-saving? In this episode, clinical social worker, co-founder of ‘The Fix’ and addiction expert Joe Schrank and Veronica discuss the differences in harm minimization between the UK and USA. Joe also discusses his radical and cutting edge response to the opioid crisis.

Entrepreneurs in Recovery with Jesse Harless – Sobriety Blueprint Podcast Episode 11

Today’s guest is Jesse Harless. Jesse says his addiction started at birth. It didn’t matter if it was gaming, drugs, or alcohol it all felt like the solution. He said he hit all the “jackpots” – getting caught plagiarizing, failing at of college, and then getting in the legal trouble that eventually led Jesse to find recovery. Jesse was ordered to serve probation and go to 12 Steps meetings. 

Joshua Shea | The Hidden Addiction – The Way Out Podcast Episode 162

This week we’re interviewing author Joshua Shea. Joshua’s honesty is at once disarming & on point, realizing that though the externalities of porn & sex addiction are rather distinct, the underlying causes & conditions are quite universal. So #ListenUp.


Breaking The Chains of Addiction with Omar Pinto – Sobriety Blueprint Podcast Episode 10

Today’s guest is Omar Pinto. At 31 years old Omar was heavily addicted to cocaine and alcohol. His wife was pregnant at the time, he was running his business into the ground, and his friends had had enough.  That’s when he was guided into the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous.e said, “I remember feeling real hope and saying to myself, I think these guys can help me.” Omar grabbed a sponsor, worked the steps, started doing service work, and eventually started to sponsor other men.

Mark Scheeren | The Freedom Model – The Way Out Podcast Episode 161

Today’s guest is Mark Scheeren. We’ve got a very different perspective on Addiction & Recovery in an interview with him. Mark is the co-author of The Freedom Model of Addiction, the first non 12 Step methodology to treat #addiction & #alcoholism. So #ListenUp!

Russ Perry | The Sober Entrepreneur – Self Made and Sober

Welcome to self made and sober podcast. I’m your host, Andrew Lassise. and with me today is the sober entrepreneur Russ Perry, the creator, founder of design pickle, which is an awesome concept where companies I know for myself, I’ve had issues where I need, I need to get designs done, I need a creative person.

The Four People You Meet When You Stop Drinking – Soberful Podcast Episode 66

Today’s guests are Chip and Veronica who will talk about how you can deal with the four types of characters you may meet when you stop drinking.

Whiskey and Vodka with Vincent Pugliese – The Shair Podcast Episode 243

Vincent Pugliese was an incredibly respected and awarded photographer, covering sports events any fan would dream of. The problem was, the media company he worked for never wanted to pay him what he deserved. 

Addiction Took My Husband, Recovery Saved My Life with Stephanie Pollak – The Shair Podcast Episode 244

Today’s guest is Stephanie Pollak. She spent most of her life believing the world was supposed to make her happy. If she did the right things, life would be good for her.

Fight the New Drug with Garrett Johnson – The Shair Podcast Episode 245

Today’s guest is Garrett Jonsson. Pornography was his secret vice and almost destroyed his marriage. He says that pornography is the new drug and his mission is to raise awareness about its destructive nature.




Jeremiah Campbell is Destined to Be – Way Out Podcast 160

This week we bring you a captivating discussion with Jeremiah Campbell. Jeremiah’s anything but picture-perfect trek to #Recovery is at once enlightening, inspirational & jam-packed with spiritual & recovery goodness so #ListenUp.

Getting Help For Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Burr Cook talks about what addiction recovery looks like, the steps in getting help and things to expect along the way.