Goals in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 171

This week’s edition is all about goals. We’ll discuss why goals are so important and beneficial, how we can set & achieve long term goals & perhaps most important how to set goals that are achievable & actually improve your overall well being so Listen Up.

Parenting in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 172

We’re addressing the key issues parents in recovery face & how we can use the tools of recovery to become more present, understanding & consistent with our children. As parents I assure you we’re not sugar coating the challenges we face so Listen Up.

Ego in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 173

This week is all about our Egos. We’ll provide you with helpful insight & strategies to keep the ‘ol Ego your Amigo and ensure it doesn’t get to high or too low. Plus we’ll share feedback from the Sober & Serious community and take your calls, so Listen Up.

Self-Love & Care Vs Selfishness | The Way Out Podcast Episode 174

We’re setting the record straight on an often misunderstood concept in Recovery: the differences between Self Love Vs Selfishness. They may sound similar, but they are in fact quite the opposite in important ways so Listen Up.

Jackie LeClair – Healing Through Prayer | The Way Out Podcast Episode 170

This week Jason’s got a killer interview for us with Jackie LeClair. Jackie’s story, at it’s core is one of victory & is at once heart wrenching & inspiring, one of both tragedy & triumph & you won’t want to miss a minute so Listen Up.

The Art of Handling Mistakes in Recovery | The Way Out Podcast Episode 169

This week we’re going to help you better understand the art of handling mistakes in Recovery. We’re going to give you real practical tips and sage spiritual truth that will indeed be the antidote for what’s ailing you, so Listen Up.

Protecting Your Recovery During the Holidays – The Way Out Podcast Episode 167

We’ve got a timely episode for you on Navigating the Holidays in Recovery. We’ve got just the thing for you this Holiday with helpful insights &12 Tips to Stay clean, sober, joyful & Serene all throughout & after this magical time of year. Listen Up.

A.A. Rule Number 62 | Don’t Take Yourself Too….Seriously – The Way Out Podcast Episode 166

This week we’re talking all about Rule 62 of the 12-Step program Alcoholics Anonymous – Don’t take yourself so damn seriously. We’ll share feedback from the Sober and Serious community and take your calls, so Listen Up.

My Recovery Toolbox with Angela Pugh – The Shair Podcast Episode 250

Today we have Angela Pugh, who is an Addiction Interventionist, Recovering Alcoholic, Life and Recovery Coach. She hosts the Addiction Unlimited Podcast and is the founder of Kansas City Recovery. She has been sober since 2006 and knows from experience that the key to lasting sobriety is having a recovery toolbox.

Kate Bee | Sober School Founder Teaches About Recovery – Self Made and Sober Ep43

Today’s guest is Kate Bee, the founder of The Sober School, where she coaches women through early sobriety and helps them navigate alcohol-free living without feeling deprived or miserable. Kate lives near Manchester in the UK.


The Holiday Sobriety Blueprint – Sobriety Blueprint Podcast Episode 13

In this episode Jonathan shares some of his own stories and experiences from early sobriety along with simple and effective tips, tools, and tactics to get through the holidays like a champ.

Addressing the Unofficial 13th Step – The Way Out Podcast Episode 165

Nary a topic in Recovery invites more heated discussion and debate than that of Step 13. This week we’re taking controversy head-on as we dedicate an entire episode to the oft-discussed, mostly misunderstood and definitely unofficial Step 13. Listen Up!

Resilience – Soberful Podcast Episode 70

In this episode, Chip and Veronica discuss what resilience is and how it’s never too late to build it. Building resilience is essential to sobriety. We have often had these opportunities stolen from us as children or were just never taught them in the first place. 

Movement – Where Is Your Life Going? – Soberful Podcast Episode 68

In this episode, Chip and Veronica take a more in-depth look at what that means. Movement is about using physical exercise to help manage your mental health as well as being purposeful about the direction of your life.

Misery is the Gateway Drug with Claire Rudy Foster – The Shair Podcast Episode 249

Today we have Claire Rudy Foster, who grew up closeted at home and bullied at school. Alcohol was his way of releasing his anger. Claire also wanted to become a famous writer, and getting drunk and loaded on heroin were all part of the romantic artistic persona.

12 Step Series: Step 12 – The Way Out Podcast Episode 164

This week we’re concluding our series on the 12 Steps with Step 12. we’ll take you through what Step 12 is, how and why we work it, and what we can expect as we implement Step 12 into our life and program of recovery, so Listen Up.

The Sober Nation with Tim Stoddart – Sobriety Blueprint Podcast Episode 12

Today’s guest is Tim Stoddart, the CEO of Stodzy Inc, Owner of Sober Nation and early startup investor. Tim says he comes from a family where everyone is either in recovery or clearly not. He always felt uncomfortable growing up and never felt “cool” with himself. Sports and skateboarding helped for a time, but then drugs and alcohol became the answer. Not long after that Tim made it into treatment, connected with his cousin who was actively involved in NA, and started working a 12 Step program of recovery.

Amy Demone | Battling Anxiety and Growing Without 12 Steps – Self Made and Sober Ep42

Today’s guest is Amy Demone. Amy is a virtual assistant turned marketing operations specialist that works with six-figure coaches that want to take over the world… err, their industry. She’s also the founder and head mentor at Virtually Free®, which is the part of her business that helps current and wannabes virtual assistants grow a business that gives them the freedom and cash flow, that they deserve.

12 Step Series: Step 11 – The Way Out Podcast Episode 163

We’re driving toward the conclusion of our series on the 12 Steps with our focus on Step 11. This episode will give you an understanding of what this Step is, how to work it, and what we can expect once we begin this practice in our own lives, so #ListenUp.

3 Stupid, Disgusting, and Ridiculous Things I Did When I Was Drunk – Sober Guy Radio Ep289

Today, I wanted to lighten things up a bit this week and share some of my not so proud moments of stupidity, disgustingness, and ridiculousness. Listen up and learn how to accept, forgive, redeem, and sometimes laugh at the crazy situations we sometimes find ourselves in.