Family Addiction Recovery – Tips for the Family

My guest today is Burr Cook a renowned interventionist and Executive Clinical Director for Balboa Horizons.

Filling Gaps in the Healthcare System for Expectant Mothers with Justin Lanning and Angie Alexander

My guests today are 180 Health Partners’ Justin Lanning and Angie Alexander who serve a critical need: helping pregnant women with addiction by filling the gaps in a healthcare system that’s often not built for meeting their needs on a practical level.

Restoring Dreamland with Sam Quinones

My guest, Sam Quinones, is an award-winning journalist and author, whose book Dreamland is a vital glimpse into the opiate epidemic.

Analyzing Treatment Data Trends with Jordan Weisman

Today’s guest is Jordan Weisman, who serves as clinical manager with the Michael’s House treatment program in Palm Springs, California.

A Sober Mom’s Guide to Recovery with Rosemary O’Connor

Rosemary O’Connor is a leading expert and spokesperson on women, children, and addiction. As an author, speaker, and outreach manager for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation,

Racing for Recovery with Todd Crandell

Todd Crandell is widely recognized as a leading expert on substance abuse. He has overcome a thirteen-year addiction to drugs and alcohol and is the founder of Racing for Recovery, an organization dedicated to preventing all forms of substance abuse and providing positive alternatives for those battling addiction.

Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Lori Ryland

My guest today is Lori Ryland, who serves as CEO of Skywood Recovery, a residential program for co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders in Michigan.

War and Drugs: Veteran Battles Ep 3 – A Hopeful Future

What does the future look like for veterans recovering after wartime? We investigate promising new approaches to veteran care, including MDMA-assisted therapy, and how these may impact the future for struggling veterans. There is always hope for recovery.

The Feeling of Being Lost – Jordan Pt. 1

In Episode 86 (Pt. 1) of Far from Finished, Jordan talks about the feelings he had of being lost, even at meetings. He knew that the excessive drinking and drugs were a problem, but had no idea he was sick – physically, mentally, and spiritually. As bad as Jordan’s external circumstances got, it was never enough to throw him into sobriety.

Being True to Your Identity

In Episode 85 of Far From Finished Mason talks about his “a-ha moment” in treatment — sticking up for himself and being open (through talking and sharing) especially about being transgender. Now he is open with his recovery with the people around him which has helped him a lot.

War and Drugs: Veteran Battles Ep 2 – The Fallout

Once the war is over, a new battle begins. Veterans returning home from war face many challenges, including PTSD, coping with injuries, and insufficient resources to help them adjust to day-to-day living outside the military.

Addressing Ethical Dilemmas with Jay Crosson

On today’s show, I’m joined by Jay Crosson, CEO of Cumberland Heights, who sat down with me to unpack the ethical dilemmas facing the treatment field.

Navigating Detox, Chronic Pain and Addiction with Melissa Lee Warner

Today, my guest is Dr. Melissa Lee Warner from Black Bear Lodge, a residential treatment program in north Georgia, where she serves as the medical director.

Rehabilitating Recovery Residences with John Lehman

For today’s show, I’m joined by John Lehman of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences for a conversation about the current landscape of sober homes

Full Bloom

In Episode 84 of Far From Finished, Max talks about working a lot on meditation while in treatment — something he lacked while he was in the rooms. Sitting by himself in morning meditation he noticed a Bird of Paradise plant — just a bulb barely blooming. After 30 days right before his coin out he saw that the bulb was in full bloom — a sign to move on to his next phase in life.

The Power of Personal Narrative with Michael Botticelli

As director of national drug control policy, Michael Botticelli led the Obama administration’s efforts to advance reforms in prevention, criminal justice and treatment.