Addiction to the Underworld with Daniel Herron

Can the gang lifestyle be just as addictive as the drugs?

Sober as $#@! with Brandy Jouikov

Let’s Talk Recovery with Brandy Jouikov

Second Chance at Life

In Episode 76 of Far From Finished, Thomas talks about how writing everyday became a way to look at his past. While doing that, he learned to take apart the idea of himself as a monster. He started to see the good side of who he had always been. Writing became a way of not just delving into his own addiction but sharing it.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 77 – Brandon Novak Part One

Brandon’s early years were stamped indelibly through early family turmoil juxtaposed against his incredible and clearly God given skateboarding talents. Brandon’s rare and exceptional life fueled his self-described superiority complex; which turned out to be quite the perilous mix for this budding addict and alcoholic.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 76 – HIStory Part Two

In this episode we pick up right where we left off; with our guest in the middle of a crisis. His foster parents are worried he’s attending “too many” recovery meetings and is using them as an escape; that if he wishes to stay at their home he’s to be on a strict meeting allowance of two per week. These meetings are our man’s lifeline to sobriety and recovery; yet he isn’t particularly keen, as you might imagine, on the prospect of being homeless either.

The Recovery Grab Bag with John DeLisa

Taking Recovery on the Road with John DeLisa

Down The Rabbit Hole with Carrie Burgess

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with Carrie Burgess

The Problem with Perfection

In Episode 75 of Far From Finished Missy talks about how her life in addiction was living life like a lie. She was excited about whatever you told her to be excited about. Today if she gets pumped up and excited about something it’s because she genuinely is (especially the work she does in addiction recovery).

Smile Now, Cry Later with Freddy Negrete

Freddy Negrete – Guns, Gangs, Tattoos & Recovery

Fear Less Live More with Sue Curr

How to approach life without fear

Avoiding Rock Bottom

In Episode 74 of Far From Finished Andrea talks about the significance of obtaining better coping skills to deal with life. She feels confident enough to admit that she’s not a perfect person. She is also confident enough to be able to own up to what’s hers and make amends to mistakes she’s made.

We Are Superman with David Clark

OUT THERE: A Story of Ultra Recovery

Discover the Divine Being Within with Sean Croxton

How are your feelings of unworthiness affecting your ability to achieve your dreams?

The Way Out Podcast Episode 75 – HIStory Part One

You’ll notice a number of elements typically included in the podcast conspicuously absent from this week’s and next week’s episodes. Most evident perhaps, is you will never hear our guest’s name uttered even once – a condition I only learned of moments before the interview began. 

New Year’s Day – Sobering Up After the Holidays

Hangovers are the worst. Is there any way to cure them? Our friend Dan explains what hangovers are, why they hurt so much, and what we can do to get better, faster. As you head into the new year, make sure you’re armed with drinking facts so that you can have a good time and, most importantly, stay safe.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 74 – Christopher Lee Falck Part Two

Christopher had chance encounter with the “seen it all before in triplicate” detox nurse. She asked him to promise to show up for treatment. The next day, Christopher showed up – which turned out to be the first day of the rest of his life. Listen Up.

Staying Sober Through The Holiday Season

This episode is all about tips and tools for staying sober over the holiday season!