The Way Out Podcast Episode 89 – Raven Part One

I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host this week as I bring you part one with my dear friend Raven, who shares her story of addiction, alcoholism and recovery in only the way she can. Raven’s matter of fact, tell it like it is style makes listening to her share on her story ultra listenable as she starts her story as a girl coming of age in Southern California. A child of divorce, Raven experienced the yin and yang of the wealth on one side and the meager one the other. Raven struggles with self-image, self-esteem, self-harm, sexual abuse and a progressive drug and alcohol addiction that completely enveloped her life. Listen Up.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 88 – John Mabry Part Two

I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host this week as we bring you part 2 of my discussion with John C Mabry. We pick up right where we left off last week as John describes how he rose to success in film and TV as his disease was taking him to unimaginable lows. John suffers another unimaginable and traumatic tragedy which takes him from the fame of Hollywood to near penniless living in a trailer before finding meaningful and lasting Recovery.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 87 – John Mabry Part One

John Clint Mabry’s journey to living in recovery & living in his self-described “truth” is a powerful lesson on the toll addiction and alcoholism takes on us – packed with spiritual truth from beginning to end!

Walking with Patients Through Resistance with Jennifer Angier

My guest today is Jennifer Angier, a veteran addictions counselor who now serves as CEO of Talbott Recovery in Georgia.

Exploring Food Addiction with Julie Friedman

On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr. Julie Friedman, a health psychologist in the specialties of binge eating disorder, night eating syndrome and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Keeping Love First with Jeff Jay

Today’s guest is Jeff Jay, interventionist and co-author of the best-selling book Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention.

Creating a Safe Place for LGBTQ Individuals with Anna Hagen and Angi Grassley

Today, I’m excited to have a conversation about the unique challenges facing the LGBTQ community and how they meet those needs at Pride Institute, where my guests Anna Hagen and Angi Grassley serve as therapist and community relations director.

War and Drugs: Veteran Battles Ep 1 – From Tank to Tanked

For centuries, drugs have been used by soldiers during wartime, often at the encouragement of their leaders. Why was drug use encouraged during war? What drugs are most commonly used during war?

A Struggling Supermom

In Episode 83 of Far From Finished, Michelle talks about the significance of connecting with women of recovery from all over the world and talking about stepping out of their shame to speak their truth.

The Addiction to Fantasy

In Episode 82 of Far From Finished Ilan talks about the stigma and shame surrounding love addiction and pornography as he feels nobody talks about it out in the real world. He acknowledges that to get the help that you need you should find two or three close friends who are walking a similar path as you and have them connect you to resources.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 84 – Eric Part Two

I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host for part two of my interview with Eric, a loyal listener of The Way Out Podcast whom bravely shares his story with us. In part two, Eric shares how his alcoholism comes to a breaking point and his realization that he can’t stop drinking comes crashing down upon him; he knows of Alcoholics Anonymous by now and is finally willing to do whatever it takes to recover. Listen Up.

Changing Your Legacy

In Episode 81 of Far From Finished Dustin talks about the importance of having a daily process and taking his recovery one day at a time. This process has taken a lot of the pressure and fear away from Dustin. He knows if he can just make it through today he has a chance. Dustin recently celebrated seven years of recovery.

Getting Honest

In Episode 80 of Far From Finished Dave talks about how his addiction overtook him and changed his overall thinking. He believes that he got so deep into his own con that it actually changed because he now looks forward to helping people and doing the right thing.