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Kate Bee | Sober School Founder Teaches About Recovery – Self Made and Sober Ep43

Today’s guest is Kate Bee, the founder of The Sober School, where she coaches women through early sobriety and helps them navigate alcohol-free living without feeling deprived or miserable. Kate lives near Manchester in the UK.


Amy Demone | Battling Anxiety and Growing Without 12 Steps – Self Made and Sober Ep42

Today’s guest is Amy Demone. Amy is a virtual assistant turned marketing operations specialist that works with six-figure coaches that want to take over the world… err, their industry. She’s also the founder and head mentor at Virtually Free®, which is the part of her business that helps current and wannabes virtual assistants grow a business that gives them the freedom and cash flow, that they deserve.

Russ Perry | The Sober Entrepreneur – Self Made and Sober

Welcome to self made and sober podcast. I’m your host, Andrew Lassise. and with me today is the sober entrepreneur Russ Perry, the creator, founder of design pickle, which is an awesome concept where companies I know for myself, I’ve had issues where I need, I need to get designs done, I need a creative person.