Avoiding Rock Bottom

In Episode 74 of Far From Finished Andrea talks about the significance of obtaining better coping skills to deal with life. She feels confident enough to admit that she’s not a perfect person. She is also confident enough to be able to own up to what’s hers and make amends to mistakes she’s made.

Andrea’s co-dependence started at a very young age. She used relationships as her higher power. It was similar to her relationship with alcohol in that she was obsessed with it. She was obsessed with fixing a relationship she was in. According to Andrea, it was a shame cycle like her alcohol abuse. At a certain point Andrea was dealing with a love addiction, alcohol abuse and an eating disorder. It was an awful prison for her to live in. She thought motherhood would be able to save her and turn her life around but it turned out to not be the case.

Andrea didn’t know how to cope with life. She didn’t know how to deal with grief. She had so much rage. She describes her life at the time like a water balloon with all these little things pricking holes in it with pain. The balloon burst when her son saw her drink out of a bottle and asked her what she was doing.  Andrea in tears poured out what was left. September 26, 2011 was the last time Andrea had a drink.

Andrea didn’t want her children to grow up with a drunk mom. She knows that when she was drinking she didn’t have any tact. She knew sobriety was the absolute path to go and she needed to prove that to herself.  Now in recovery Andrea has seen a major change emotionally. She’s emotionally mature and healthy and is able to talk about her feelings and know they matter.

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