Being True to Your Identity

In Episode 85 of Far From Finished Mason talks about his “a-ha moment” in treatment — sticking up for himself and being open (through talking and sharing) especially about being transgender. Now he is open with his recovery with the people around him which has helped him a lot.

Mason always told himself that he would never be a heroin addict. When he turned 18 he was kicked out of his house for cutting his hair because his parents didn’t approve of him being transgender. Moving in with his girlfriend, the two started doing Xanax together. About two weeks in, Mason was in a Xanax blackout and woke up smoking heroin.

Forced into treatment, Mason’s only motivation to go was knowing that if he didn’t his car and other possessions would be taken from him.  Mason knew that he was going to relapse after getting out of rehab because his mindset wasn’t focused on going through treatment for himself but rather for his car, his parents and his girlfriend. Mason wanted to get high. He wanted to have fun.

Getting heavily involved with meth pushed Mason over the edge. It made him a terrible person.  He was concerned more about dope than his own livelihood. It was that realization that made him want to get sober.

Today Mason writes and journals to help stay clean.  He’s gained friends who are better than what he had before. Most importantly he’s gained his family back. He’s achieved a level of peace that wasn’t present before.