Rob Schneider: Best Seinfeld story ever. Leno and Rock’s best comedy advice. Being friends with Farley.

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You know him as a comedian and actor. A former cast member of SNL, creating classic characters like Richmeis“the copy guy.” He’s done over 50 movies with Adam Sandler. He’s an accomplished stand-up comedian with a special on Netflix and probably 100 appearances on Late night shows. But there is a lot more to Rob Schneider.  We get into comedy, acting, being friends with” being friends with addicts, Chris Farley and Robin Williams and what those guys were like.

Rob Schneider: Best Seinfeld story ever. Leno and Rock’s best comedy advice. Being friends with Farley.

Wow. This is a big conversation filled with some absolute gems. Some of what we talk about:

  • The best comedy advice of all time from Jerry Seinfeld
  • Heroin addict manager was a pretty good manager
  • Why he takes stand up so seriously and it’s not just a “celebrity victory lap”.
  • Picking up Jay Leno before Google Maps or Waze.
  • Why Rob Schneider shook up my soda at the grocery store.
  • The most boring job in the world
  • Why you need to deconstruct your ego to be a good stand up.
  • Why bombing is like your ears melting off of your head.
  • Why you shouldn’t let your friends or family come to your first few shows.
  • How Robin Williams would turn 8 people into a sold out crowd before social media. How Robin Williams single handedly created audiences.
  • The no blame no praise theory.
  • The four levels of spiritual growth.
  • Why saying no to immediate gratification is one of the most important things.
  • Using chaos within limits for creativity
  • Robin Williams was like losing a planet in a solar system.
  • The best advice while having breakfast with Leno.
  • Leno’s advice to young comics, how to succeed in Hollywood.
  • Watching Robin Williams almost steals his joke on Oprah.
  • How to easily find original material that sets YOU apart.
  • Showing up in LA with no credit cards after flipping his car with no seat belts.
  • Drinking with John Cleese and Eric Idle last year.
  • Why Netflix is the greatest thing of all time.
  • Advice from Paul Simon on SNL.
  • How doing a network sitcom is like playing baseball in a closet.
  • How having kids helps your career and keeps you in the moment and takes you out of yourself.
  • What to ask yourself when your career is in the toilet to get out.
  • How Real Rob can help you lead a decent life by learning from a bad example.
  • Good shit happens when the barbarians are at the gate.
  • How Chris Rock talked Rob into doing stand-up again

Show Notes

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