Students Coming Together to Say No to Drugs: Drug Free Clubs of America

Greg interviews community leaders, administrators and students at a recent rally for Drug Free Clubs of America(DFCA). Drug Free Clubs are high school and middle school clubs in which students agree to remain drug free and submit to random drug screenings throughout the year. In return, they receive perks like prizes and discount cards. The recent rally for 8 new drug free clubs in Chillicothe, Ohio included 8 schools and over 1500 students.

Greg starts by interviewing Wayne Campbell, Founder of Tyler’s Light. You can listen to his recent podcast episode here. Wayne has been involved in the initiation of 18 drug free clubs. Wayne doesn’t feel responsible for the clubs, but rather feels the school community does the work. He explains what happens to students’ work ethic as a result of their DFCA membership. “These students have pledged to be drug free and want to prove it. Their attendance, grades, and test scores get better, while necessary disciplinary action declines,” says Wayne.

Greg proceeds to interview two students, Sundi and Payton, who are both charter members of the DFCA. They share their experiences of what it’s like to be an ambassador for DFCA and what it entails. Payton shares her positive feelings for the club and how it impacts students. “[DFCA] does so much for the students, especially those struggling with drug abuse. It reaches out to the students who are questioning drug use and students who are using drugs. It’s about getting them back to where they need to be,” says Payton. Meanwhile, Sundi shares a similarly positive experience. “The drug epidemic hits close to home. I just want to help make an impact on other people’s lives and get them interested in becoming drug free,” says Sundi.

Listen to the podcast to hear about the specific perks the students receive and the impact DFCA has made in these schools and on these students.

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