Finding Love in Treatment – Pt. 2 with Matt

In Episode 68 of Far From Finished Matt talks about meeting his wife in treatment and how it was a positive bonus meeting someone who wanted to get their life together at the same time for the right reasons. He credits her with helping him during his everyday routine in life.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) presents “Far From Finished,” a weekly podcast that shares the real-life stories of people who survived substance use to thrive in recovery. Being around drugs and money all the time led Matt to substance abuse.

Before he knew it he was hooked on what he was selling. He was selling to get high and using to maintain survival. Everything in his life had fallen apart but his family never gave up on him. They were the ones who reached out to him to get him the help he needed.

Matt was afraid to detox. If he knew the things he learned later in treatment then he would’ve gone much earlier. It was a real easy transition that he took to. It was an experience that he ever knew was possible. It saved his life. Today Matt loves the life that he has. He wouldn’t be happy if he was dealt any other hand. He’s content with standing on his own choices and decisions. It’s truly been a complete 360 over the last 5-10 years for him.

He is grateful for everything he has.

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