What is Party Sober Clothing?

How starting a clothing company gave Ferril direction and drive for his recovery. Party Sober Clothing is now a global clothing line that expands the positive message of recovery.

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Ferril gives us a fresh and unique perspective in recovery. He has done so much to help with the recovery movement, especially with young people.

Ferril works full time on his clothing line and he also works hard on his non-profit. Ferril takes small inspirational rock shows into venues that help young people.

Ferril will inspire you to get out there and start living a proactive life in recovery.

In this episode, Ferril and I talk about…

  • What happened the first time Ferril took a painkiller?
  • The progression of Ferril’s disease with opiates.
  • Why Ferril says that approval was his first drug of choice.
  • What Ferril does every day to stay sober.¬†

What is Party Sober Clothing?

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Party Sober Clothing

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