Contempt Prior to Investigation

Contempt Prior To

As you listen today, be reminded that we are all on a journey of becoming the person we were designed to be. For most of us it happens slowly as we continually take action applying the principles of recovery to our lives. For others, like you will hear today, there can be a profound spiritual experience which kick-starts the process.

Our guest today, Scott and I talk about how being an alcoholic is only one area of our life and it by no means defines us.

In today’s talk he keeps it simple and he is a man of action. He is a successful lawyer, who has raised a nice family of 4 kids and has been married for over 30 years. By all accounts, looking in, he is living the dream. But you will hear him say it: he regrets the “blank memories” or the memories not made while drinking. He is a great, and honorable, person who see’s that drinking has held him back from truly being the person he was designed to be and he is making a change.

The key is, that no matter what the catalyst is, we never forget why we march this path of happy destiny. It’s in this mindset and in our daily actions, that we find freedom from the obsession to drink and freedom to become a little more of the person we want to be. I think you will find that today’s guest, Scott, is well on his way.

His story is so inspiring and so full of value bombs it could be a 2 part series! But instead of doing that, I’ll just encourage you to listen to a few powerful themes:

  • Without saying it, Scott touches on all three of the first 12 steps in a powerful way.
  • Scott is not a “wu-wu” spiritual guy and I cant help but be inspired by how profound spirituality is in his recovery.
  • Scott’s journey from “contempt prior to investigation” of alcoholism to now having an acceptance that is super charging his life.

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