Alcoholic and – Who Would Have Thought?

Alcoholic and

As recovering addicts we are commonly faced with the questions: when and how do we tell people we don’t drink. Answering these questions can become further complicated when we throw dating into the mix.

Alcoholic and – Who Would Have Thought?

In this podcast episode Cameron shares how he has successfully navigated nearly 6 months of sobriety.

In the early stages of a relationship, I was always terrified of the moment when I had to fess up to why I don’t drink. I came up with every answer besides the honest answer which is the simple fact I’m an alcoholic. Below is my profile summary I created eight days ago. The results of this experiment have been miraculous. 2 years ago I would have been surprised by the results, but knowing my fear was completely irrational, I’m not surprised at all.

Hello, my name is Paul and I’m a recovering alcoholic, I’m extremely allergic to horses, at times I struggle with anxiety, and I have been diagnosed ADHD 4 different times by medical professionals.

You’re probably wondering why I would lead off with this enticing intro, but after reading a couple profiles, I couldn’t get a real idea of who the gals really were… so by being upfront, honest and transparent, I am saving both of us time.

None of these things truly define me, but this is an honest description of who I am. When I first started writing my profile it contained words like funny, outgoing, motivated, happy, and all the other generic descriptors, which do describe me, but I thought I would tell it straight.

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