Terminal Uniqueness | Personal Exceptionalism

The Dangers of Terminal Uniqueness

If you’re in AA or NA chances are you’re familiar with the term “terminal uniqueness.” It can be a brutal condition to be dealing with when trying to get sober.


Terminal Uniqueness | Personal Exceptionalism

In this episode Dawn, shares how she has made it to 6 months of sobriety as a mother of three.

We also discuss terminal uniqueness which basically is when we focus on the differences and not the similarities. I have been culpable of this many times, and I am working on being cognizant of how to avoid this.

Here are some of the key reasons why terminal uniqueness is so dangerous.

  • It allows people to ignore the likely consequences of their actions
  • It provides a false sense of security
  • It divides the world into me and them
  • It means that the individual will be unwilling to believe that treatments that help other people can help them
  • It leads to the individual thinking that they are either worse than everyone else, or that they are better than everyone else
  • It prevents the individual from seeking help for their problems
  • It can be a barrier to communication
  • It leads to feelings of loneliness and desperation (isolation)****

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