Sobriety in the New Year and Resolutions

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Everyone makes New Years resolutions, but it seems we all have difficulty sticking to them. Try taking some action to stick to those resolutions and make them become changes that are a part of your life.

Sobriety in the New Year and Resolutions

Are New Years resolutions really a good thing? If the spirit of the New Year is to create goals and accountability, then I am all for it.

My New Years resolution is to quit the gym in order to make an effort to do outdoor activities with my dog and use my own body weight for resistance. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, I will interview Pamela who now has one year of sobriety and tells us how she achieved it after maintaining 2 years as a dry drunk, convinced she wasn’t an alcoholic.

In this episode I will discuss…

  • Tips for people with the resolution to quit drinking in 2016
  • Tips for people in sobriety making new resolutions
  • You might be an alcoholic if…

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