Quotes about Sobriety

Recovery Elevator Episode 38

I recently came across a website called Recovery Reflections.

This website has lots of user submitted quotes that come from the heart. When most of us think of quotes we think of the cliche one liners that float around the rooms of 12 step fellowships.

The quotes from this website come from people in recovery.

I go over lots of these quotes and explain what they mean to me and how they can help you stay sober.

Interview With Jessica

Jessica is 23 years old. She is from Colorado. She has been sober since May 21st, 2015.

Jessica is still new in recovery, but she speaks about how grateful she is and how quickly her life gotten better since she has found recovery. Jessica talks about how she would limit her drinking to 4 nights a week, how she has a hard time separate life from partying, and what she does to stay sober.

In this week’s episode, we will discuss…

  • Great advice from other people in recovery.
  • What Jessica does to stay sober.
  • The journey Jessica took from a reserved high school kid to an alcoholic.
  • What you can do to stay sober.