How To Stop Self Loathing

So many alcoholics beat themselves up.

Within the first few minutes every morning, I was already calling myself a piece of shit and beating myself up. I was harassing myself into my own turtle shell.

I felt so poorly about myself that my self-loathing was so powerful. Every morning I would eventually pump myself up and be ready to battle my addiction one more day. However, my addiction was always hiding in the corner waiting to come out.

There goes the cycle. I would hate myself because I drank and to feel better I would drink more.

As I got sober, I learned that self-loathing is pointless. I can’t be perfect. No one is perfect. We all mistakes and we all learn to deal with it. It’s part of being a person!

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In this week’s episode, I will discuss…

  • how to stop kicking yourself while you are down.
  • I speak to Felicia and learn about her amazing journey.
  • We check back in with Robert and follow up on his recovery. He has relapsed.
  • What Robert is going to do to give it another shot.