Alcohol Myth’s vs. Realities

This podcast was created from the article called A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism.

Also in this podcast episode, Omar from the Shair Podcast joins Paul and explains what his podcast is all about.

Thanks to Niqui for these great “You Might be an Alcoholic is” lines.

1) you might be an alcoholic if still hide liquor bottles even if you live alone.
2) you might be an alcoholic instead of asking for aspirin for your headache, you ask everyone at the wedding for tequila and the margaritas were “too sweet”
3) you might be an alcoholic if surely by your third DUI you still don’t question if you have a problem
4) you might be an alcoholic if at any point you jump out of a moving car, take off running and end up in a dusty wash in 100 degree weather because you don’t want to go to detox.
5) you might be an alcoholic if you wake up on someone’s junky, trash sofa they set out on Hollywood blvd.