4 Types Of Alcoholics – Which One Are You?

According to a Time Magazine article – there are 4 types of drunks.

You are out with a bar with three friends. All four of you have had the same amount to drink. Yet, all 4 of you act differently when intoxicated. These 4 personally types are broken down by how alcohol affects them and their behavior.

  1. The Ernest Hemmingway drunk – This guy or gal can drink all day, and most people wouldn’t even know.
  2. The Mary Poppins drunk – Practically perfect in every way. Get’s sweeter and more attractive with alcohol.
  3. The Nutty Professor Drunk – They are natural introverts who shed their inhibitions when they drink. These people “come out of their shell.”
  4. The Mr. Hyde drunk – The evil twin that comes out when people drink. Less responsible, less intellectual and more hostile when intoxicated.

In this episode, we will dig deeper into each level of these personality types. Email me at info@recoveryelevator.com to let me know which personality type are you.

Also, I interview Robert. Robert was previously in episode 17 and has had a hard time staying sober. He remains determined to achieve and maintain sobriety but says he is having a hard time “saying goodbye.”

In this week’s episode Robert and I discuss…

  • Why alcohol is like a girlfriend that Robert can’t say goodbye to.
  • What Robert will do differently this time to maintain his sobriety.
  • The best advice Robert has gotten – taking it “day by day.”