Latest Episodes

Social Anxiety, Self-Image, and Addiction with Sasha Tozzi

What Happens When You Get Sober And You’re Still A Mess?

The Dive Bar with Bonnie Pelletier Donahue

One woman’s story of owning a dive bar and still crushing it in recovery!

Wake the Hero with Wesley Chapman

Wesley Chapman of Wake the Hero joins us on The SHAIR Podcast

Atheists, Agnostics, and Addiction Recovery with Joe C.

What might a higher power look like for atheists or agnostics?

Joe C. is here to shed some light on atheists and agnostics, and how they understand the Twelve Steps and succeed without the belief in a supernatural higher power.

Yoga for Internal Healing from Addiction with Kyczy Hawk

Can yoga help maintain long-term sobriety?

Drug Addiction, Self-Loathing, and the Power of Forgiveness with Emily Hooks.

Emily Hooks the founder of The Forgiveness Academy joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.

“Passion and Purpose” with Tony G. successful entrepreneur and recovering from addiction

Tony Grebmeier of The Tony G. show and Fortune 5000 ShipOffers joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.

“The Dopey Podcast” Chris and Dave, Stupid Funny Addiction Stories.

Chris and Dave of The Dopey Podcast join us today on The SHAIR Podcast

“Party Girl” Anna David, host of the (RE)COVER Girl Podcast.

Anna David joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast and takes us through her battle with Alcohol and Drug Addiction and her inspiring journey into recovery.

“Taking the Mask Off” with Cortland Pfeffer, Mental Health, Addiction and a Spiritual Solution.

Cortland Pfeffer joins today us on the SHAIR podcast.  Cortland is the author of “Taking the Mask Off: Destroying the Stigmatic Barriers of Mental Health and Addiction Using a Spiritual Solution.”

“No Matter What” with Josh Horton, from Alcoholic Felon to Law Student.

Josh Horton joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast, and Josh’s story was featured in the Oxford Eagle online newspaper titled, Meet Joshua Horton: Ole Miss Law student overcomes odds, fights to make difference.

SHAIR 120: “Daddy’s Medicine” with Brinn Black, Country Singer and Adult Child of an Alcoholic.

Today we have Brinn Black joining us on The SHAIR Podcast.

Brinn’s new single “Daddy’s Medicine” is a powerful ballad that tells the all-too-real tale of living with a father who struggles with alcoholism.