It’s the Only Way with Alekzandr Mac

Getting clean after a decade of suboxone use.

It’s the Only Way with Alekzandr Mac

Alekzandr Mac today on The SHAIR Podcast!  Alekzandr is a good friend mine and a prominent member of the SHAIR private accountability group. Today he shares his long, difficult journey with prescription drug abuse.

Both his father and step-father were addicted to opiates and Alekzandr joined them in the hunt for pills. Eventually he went on suboxone to mitigate his problems, but he ended up abusing it for the next ten years.

This is the story of how he finally broke his dependence on pharmaceuticals and found recovery after a pivotal phone call he made on the night of September 10th, 2016.

Listen to Alekzandr’s story now!

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