Opening the Door to DBT with Eboni Webb

Today, we hear from Dr. Eboni Webb, an internationally renowned trainer in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Rebuilding After Relapse

In this episode Michelle, Chris and Jason discuss relapse,  what brings us to our tipping points & how to find forgiveness after moments of powerlessness.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 81 – Smile Now and Cry Later with Freddy Negrete (Part One)

Art had always been Freddy’s calling from his early graffiti days giving rise to quickly becoming the most sought after black & grey realist in the world. Addiction was ubiquitous in gang lifestyle and Freddy was no exception as he went into a downward spiral of heroin addiction.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 80 – Leeanne Part Two

Leeann’s story is so instructive in many ways; as she shares her first 13 years of recovery in a state of physical sobriety and emotional inebriety. Leeanne’s path was hard work, with lessons learned and spiritual self-truths acquired – while wondering in the often dark and foreign wilderness of sobriety.

Changing One Thing: Everything

In Episode 79 of Far From Finished Nick talks about how treatment broke down all of his destructive traits and behaviors. Today he works at the same place he received treatment, giving back what he so freely got.

It’s the Only Way with Alekzandr Mac

Getting clean after a decade of suboxone use.

Showing Up To Life

In Episode 78 of Far From Finished, Matt talks about how he used to think materialistic things were a measure of success. What Matt ended up learning through the principles of recovery is that the effect he has on other people’s lives is the most valuable thing.

5 Surprising Facts About Marijuana – Your Nose Knows Something You Don’t

Can marijuana actually cause problems with learning and memory? What makes each strain different, and what does this mean for the effects? As more and more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, it is becoming more and more important to get to knows the ins and outs of this prevalent drug.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 79 – Leeanne Part One

Leeanne’s Recovery journey is one of years spent spiritually asleep; marked by profound surrenders and awakenings; a true testament to the promises of recovery coming sometimes quickly, and sometimes slowly. Listen Up.

Choosing Your Own Recovery Path with Kris Kelly

How can you find the treatment that works for you?

The Way Out Podcast Episode 78 – Brandon Novak Part Two

Brandon shares his implausible journey to recovery, and the miracles that have transpired in his life since achieving substantial and meaningful recovery. Listen Up.

How A TV Show Changed Michael’s Life

In Episode 77 of Far From Finished Michael, talks about the importance of being open minded to change to achieve something different in your life. For Michael, you have to be open minded to the fact that there’s a possibility.

Behind the Wheel with Lori Kinney

How to find recovery when addiction and tragedy collide!

Addiction to the Underworld with Daniel Herron

Can the gang lifestyle be just as addictive as the drugs?

Sober as $#@! with Brandy Jouikov

Let’s Talk Recovery with Brandy Jouikov

Second Chance at Life

In Episode 76 of Far From Finished, Thomas talks about how writing everyday became a way to look at his past. While doing that, he learned to take apart the idea of himself as a monster. He started to see the good side of who he had always been. Writing became a way of not just delving into his own addiction but sharing it.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 77 – Brandon Novak Part One

Brandon’s early years were stamped indelibly through early family turmoil juxtaposed against his incredible and clearly God given skateboarding talents. Brandon’s rare and exceptional life fueled his self-described superiority complex; which turned out to be quite the perilous mix for this budding addict and alcoholic.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 76 – HIStory Part Two

In this episode we pick up right where we left off; with our guest in the middle of a crisis. His foster parents are worried he’s attending “too many” recovery meetings and is using them as an escape; that if he wishes to stay at their home he’s to be on a strict meeting allowance of two per week. These meetings are our man’s lifeline to sobriety and recovery; yet he isn’t particularly keen, as you might imagine, on the prospect of being homeless either.