Going Further, Faster with Jillian McCarney

For today’s show, I caught up with Jillian McCarney, Foundations Recovery Network’s regional manager of business development for the West Coast, about building a team that builds lasting relationships.

“Taking the Mask Off” with Cortland Pfeffer, Mental Health, Addiction and a Spiritual Solution.

Cortland Pfeffer joins today us on the SHAIR podcast.  Cortland is the author of “Taking the Mask Off: Destroying the Stigmatic Barriers of Mental Health and Addiction Using a Spiritual Solution.”

Redefining the Rites of Passage with Todd Stumbo

My guest today is Todd Stumbo, CEO of Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center in northern Georgia, who speaks about redefining manhood’s rites of passage.

Recovery Unscripted #23: Turning Technology into a Lifeline with Peter Loeb

Today’s guest is Peter Loeb, co-founder and CEO of Lionrock Recovery, which offers telehealth addiction treatment through video conferencing.

“No Matter What” with Josh Horton, from Alcoholic Felon to Law Student.

Josh Horton joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast, and Josh’s story was featured in the Oxford Eagle online newspaper titled, Meet Joshua Horton: Ole Miss Law student overcomes odds, fights to make difference.

Recovery Unscripted #22: Discovering an Active, Sober Identity with Lauren Slivinski

For today’s show, I’m joined by Lauren Slivinski, manager of the Orange County chapter of Phoenix Multisport, a nonprofit that fosters a supportive, physically active community.

SHAIR 120: “Daddy’s Medicine” with Brinn Black, Country Singer and Adult Child of an Alcoholic.

Today we have Brinn Black joining us on The SHAIR Podcast.

Brinn’s new single “Daddy’s Medicine” is a powerful ballad that tells the all-too-real tale of living with a father who struggles with alcoholism.

Rising Baseball Star, to Addict, to Recovery Hero

In Episode 45, Terrence talks about his journey from being a rising baseball star with the Montreal Expos, to a homeless addict, and ultimately becoming an expert in the recovery field where he gets to truly help and inspire other people who are struggling with addiction.

Darlene and Chris: A Mother/Son Story

In Episode 44, Darlene talks about how blessed she has been as a mother, living a life beyond her wildest dreams especially after having to endure tragedy. She believes her son Chris keeps her sane, strong and wanting to push to be the best mother and person she can be.

SHAIR 119: “Recovery Matters” with Christopher Lee Falck, from drug addiction to Peer Recovery Specialist.

Christopher Lee Falck joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.

Chris is a Peer Recovery Specialists, the founder of Recovery Rings and a very active member in the SHAIR Podcast Facebook private group.

Family Matters: Julia’s Story Pt. 2

In Part 2 of Episode 43, Julia talks about how she doesn’t want to relapse or slip no matter what happens in her life, as her recovery is a journey of self-discovery. She maintains it by serving other women and men in recovery. For Julia she stays active in her recovery because she needs it to stay real.

After Dreamland Pt. 3: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Substance Abuse, J. Merrick

Greg interviews Jason Merrick, the Director of Addiction Services at Kenton County Detention Center in Covington, Kentucky. He also worked with Sam Quinones on his highly-acclaimed book Dreamland.

Family Matters: Julia’s Story Pt. 1

In Part 1 of Episode 43, Julia talks about the significant role her family played in her recovery. According to Julia, we only need one thing to make sense in our lives and for her it was her family.

Sober Life Radio featuring Seth Pruzansky. “You alone have the power to heal yourself.”

In the first half: Joel’s movie trailer, why Carrie was banned from JC Penney “for life,” Sean Spicer, naltrexone and the Clean VS Sober debate….who cares?! In the second half, Hear how Seth Pruzansky overcame his struggles, including a severe heroin addiction, by realizing that he alone had the power to heal himself.

After Dreamland Pt. 2: The Correlation Between Overdose Deaths and Prescriptions, Dr. Gay

Greg interviews Dr. Joe Gay, a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional and the Executive Director of Health Recovery Services in Athens, Ohio.

SHAIR 117: “From Dope to Hope” with Tim Ryan, a Man in Recovery.

Tim Ryan the author of From Dope to Hope: A Man in Recovery joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.

I Died, Came Back, Now Sobriety Is My Life

In Episode 42, Nicole talks about being a young mother in recovery and how her son (who she calls her “sobriety baby”) has helped keep her sober every day.

SHAIR 116: “Sex in Recovery” with Jennifer Matesa, a meeting between the covers.

Jennifer Matesa the author of Sex in Recovery: A meeting between the covers joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.