Waiting Until 21 Reduces Your Risk of Addiction by 90% – Cam Brieden Tells What Parents Need to Know


Rise & Grind Recovery Radio e7 – Waiting Until 21 Reduces Your Risk of Addiction by 90% – Cam Brieden Tells What Parents Need to Know

Waiting Until 21 Reduces Your Risk of Addiction by 90% – Cam Brieden Tells What Parents Need to Know

This week’s interview with Cam Brieden– Founder and CEO of New Wave Recovery, Inc. who has also helped to start worldwide projects like Wait21.org, Crave21, and Better Drinking Culture.

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Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Who is Cam & how did you get started on the work you are doing today?
  • Are you in recovery?
  • Why wait? Choosing to wait until 21 reduces your risk of addiction by 90%
  • Culture change – students push for a better drinking culture
  • What every kid and parent needs to know.
  • How to talk to your children about drugs & alcohol
  • The teenage brain
  • Understanding addiction as a disease
  • The importance of prevention education & awareness
  • Student advocate & pledge program

“Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. Addiction. Yup, these can be some of the most challenging, awkward, and uncomfortable conversations you have with your kids.  But when done correctly and with love, it can have the most profound impact on their life. You are about to watch a quick 3 1/2 minute video explaining the science of addiction.  It will teach you how our kids can reduce their risk for addiction by 90%. That means we have the potential to save MILLIONS of lives from addiction. And this video explains how.The more people who understand how this works, the more lives we can save.”- Cam Brieden

Video link: Understanding Addiction as a Disease

 Episode Description

  • What is Wait21.org?
  • How does the pledge work, college recognition, and scholarship program?
  • What type of impact has education made on your communities youth?
  • CRAVE21?
    What is the program, curriculum, and who is participating and where?
  • How can other’s get involved? How can people help?

“Addiction sucks.  Whether it be alcohol or drugs, or something less serious like candy, Facebook, or Starbucks, these things can hold us back and sometimes ruin our life.  Over 40 million people across the United States have a harmful addiction to alcohol, nicotine, or drugs (that’s 2x the number of people with cancer), and 90% of them started their addictions before the age of 18 (source: casacolumbia.org).  The choices and habits we make in our youth heavily influences who we become later in life.  Some of the best athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders attribute much of their success to the choices and habits they developed at an early age.” –Crave21

Cam encourages you……

  • Take the Crave21 challenge
  • Take the pledge
  • Advocate for a Better Drinking Culture in your community

More information visit Wait21.orgCrave21.org, and betterdrinkingculture.org and them on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Better Drinking Culture
The Better Drinking Culture (“BDC” for short) is a grassroots movement founded by a group of friends wanting to promote a healthier lifestyle around drinking. We are not something created by the industry or university.  We are not a campaign or anti-alcohol.  We are a movement of passionate people with a desire to shift our culture’s relationship with alcohol in a healthier and more positive direction, free from hangovers, pain, harm and regret.  Our goal is to rep this BDC lifestyle, educate ourselves and friends on the health and craft of what we drink, and share personal stories and interviews of why drinking healthier can make our lives better.  Check out our blogfollow us on socialrep our sweet member designed merch, and join us in building a Better Drinking Culture!

We have seen addiction destroy the lives of our friends and family. We dedicate this to them. If they understood the risks of addiction in high school, their lives might be different today. We established Wait 21 to help educate our friends on the science of addiction and how we can reduce our risk.

 CRAVE21 – Global Health Challenge Raising Awareness & Support for Youth Addiction.

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