Spread Hope Like Fire – Kimber Lee Walker Interview

This week, we got a chance to sit down with our great friend Kimber Lee Walker, where we discussed her efforts with a program she started called “Spread Hope Like Fire”.  This great service aims to serve communities by providing addiction and mental health recovery peer supports. Listen to hear how you too can join the #HopeTribe!


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Special Announcements in the Show

Our work was recently recognized by the F.B.I (Read Here) & we also just partnered with the
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Key Topics of Discussion:

  1. How was it speaking on the panel at the State of Reform conference in Austin, TX about “Viewing Health Through a Community Lens”
  2. Why is it so important to bring together our policy makers, doctors, hospitals, businesses, and educators to address mental health and substance use disorder public policy?
  3. How are your team’s efforts tackling the opioid epidemic in Texas?
  4. Can you tell our audience a little background of who Kimber is? What is your story of recovery?
  5. How did you start to dedicate your time in the addiction recovery community?
  7. What importance does peer supports play in the community today?
  8. How a “recovery coach” or peer is supports different than a traditional sponsor?
  9. Can you let us know what some of your priorities this year?
  10. How can people get involved?

Who is Kimber Walker?

Kimber Lee Walker, Founder and CEO of Spread Hope Like Fire, a woman in recovery from addiction, and former National Program Manager for Young People in Recovery (YPR) has launched more than 14 recovery programs for non-governmental agencies in 4 states across the US and supported the rapid growth and development of the YPR movement in more than 25 states throughout 2016. She is a person in long-term recovery and a passionate advocate for people with substance use and mental health disorders. Kimber has worked in recovery support services with MAP Health Management and served as the Senior Program Director for BCFS Health & Human Services. While with BCFS, she launched a program for transitional age youth called Youth Build. Kimber managed a Transitional Youth Center serving more than 400 young people per year in the Texas Hill Country and helped launch six state-wide initiatives for transitional age youth across Texas several of which specifically addressed young adults with substance use disorders involved in the criminal justice system. In 2016, Kimber presented the Plenary Session at the New England Institute of Addiction Studies Summer School Program, presented at the Community AntiDrug Coalitions of America National Leadership Conference and Young People in Recovery National Leadership Conference, and was invited to present at the 2016 National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit.

What is Spread Hope Like Fire?

We are the #HopeTribe and serve our communities by providing addiction and mental health recovery peer supports.

We increase access to peer-support services and provide peer support programs across the US. We are proud to be one of the leading advocacy organizations working to pass the “Peer Support Bill” (HB #1486) in Texas! Together we will advocate with leaders and policy makers about the benefits of peer support services. We know the hope they bring to those suffering from addiction and mental health disorders. We are recovery warriors. We are the #HopeTribe.

Episode Notes:

  • Discussion on the CARA Recovery Day on March 1st
  • Kimber shares how the progress in her recovery has led her to what she calls “passion projects”
  • Are you ready to ignite a spark? Kimber discusses how she is excited to learn, create, and celebrate with a community like yours!
  • Learn about the community that she and her team are helping to create.
  • Never give up! It does get better. Learn how.
  • We are exactly where we are supposed to be.
  • Learn about the importance that your recovery plays in changing the world you live in.
  • Kimber discusses the importance that her faith plays in her life & her purpose

Check out the video featuring “Kimber Lee Walker: B-School 2017 W/ MARIE FORLEO


Kimber encourages people support efforts like SPREAD HOPE LIKE FIRE in your community or by supporting online. In order to make long lasting change, people need to start dedicating their time and resources to the cause’s they most care about.

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