Huffington Post Contributor Ryan Hampton on Why America Needs to Continue to Rise Together


Rise & Grind Recovery Radio e6 – Ryan Hampton, Huffington Post Contributor, tells us why America needs to continue to rise together. 

Huffington Post Contributor Ryan Hampton on Why America Needs to Continue to Rise Together

This week’s interview with Ryan Hampton
#ChangeAgent + Person in Long Term Recovery from Substance Use Disorder + HuffPo Contributor + #AddictionXAmerica + #FacingAddiction.

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Ryan Hampton is a featured contributor to the Huffington Post on addiction and politics. He currently serves as the Los Angeles outreach lead for Facing Addiction, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in America. Prior to that, he worked with multiple non-profits across the country and has served in a staff capacity for various political campaigns. In 2016, Hampton publicly disclosed his decade-old struggle with heroin and prescription medications, along with his journey in recovery, in an effort to advocate for reform on a national public policy level.

He was an elected delegate for Hillary Clinton to the 2016 Democratic National Convention from California, specifically advocating for the addiction & recovery community. Hampton produced a 7-part documentary series, Facing Addiction Across America, chronicling his 2,500 mile journey to the DNC, to advocate for reform and seek out other like-minded people in long-term recovery to join the growing movement to end the addiction epidemic. For his work on the #AddictionXAmerica project, Hampton has been called “the guy changing the way America looks at addiction.” His journey has been featured by the Huffington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, CBS, NBC, and Dr. Oz.

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Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Who are you voting for? Your voice matters.
  • Why is it so important to speak up and speak out more than ever before?
  • Facing Addiction Across America #AddictionXamerica
  • Love & compassion are not only crucial but lifesaving.
  • Social acceptance of people in long-term recovery.
  • People should not be ashamed of struggling with a mental illness or a substance use disorder.
  • Prevention starts at home.
  • Mass media, pop culture, and social influencers play a huge role in the movement.
  • We need to save the next generations of leaders by doing our part. We can no longer remain silent.
  • Similarities in the response to the aids crisis.
  • Correlations to the LGBT movement.
  • Treatment needs to be accessible & affordable just like with other public health issues.
  • This is our time. Take action now. Not tomorrow.

“After losing four close friends to fatal drug overdoses this year, I decided something needed to change in the way that we view and treat addiction in America. In partnership with the movement known as Facing Addiction, I decided to chronicle my journey across the country with my best friend in an effort to create awareness and engage other advocates to tackle the addiction issue head on.” – Ryan Hampton

Episode Description

  • In this episode Anthony, invites national recovery advocate, Ryan Hampton to take a break from sitting with recent President Barack Obama, to meet us in the studio and talk about how important it is that we stand up in our #recovery in today’s world.
  • What is the role of the recovery community today? Those in recovery need to be heard & are starting to be heard all across America.  We need to keep the momentum going. Collectively, we can engage 1 giant voice for change; helping to curve America’s addiction epidemic – public enemy #1
  • Changing the conversation around addiction? Ryan discusses some of his advocacy goals and explains….
  1. That everyone has a part in this. People in recovery, allies, family members, youth, and social influencers, all have a role in helping to secure our nation’s future.
  2. Your story has unbelievable power. Offering your lived experience is crucial to helping to eliminate the social stigma around addiction and mental health.
  3. Everyone should be talking about the issues in your community at a localized & national level.
  4. 1 in 3 households in America are currently impacted.
  5. 22 million American’s are struggling with addiction.
  6. 23 million American’s are currently in long-term recovery.
  7. A combined 45 million people who are facing addiction across America.
  • How to we organize action? Ryan encourages America to take a stand and support progressive change. WE NEED NOT LET THE MICROPHONE GO – we have to hold our next president elect accountable to these efforts and cause.
    • Now people are not only making a stand but they are practicing their freedom to vote.
    • For the next 3 months & beyond, it is up to the recovery community to keep the momentum going. Now that election is over, we don’t go back home to stay silent. We can’t “be in the closet” about our recovery. Your experience with addiction and mental health can help you communicate to everyone, including policy makers, what recovery looks like. Offer your experience to influence public policy.
    • Call your congressmen
    • Call your governor
    • Write your presidential elect


  • Why we need more access to treatment & recovery supports? If the numbers don’t speak for themselves it’s time for America to wake up.
  • Why we need to eliminate the stigma around a “slip-up”? Nobody should be ashamed for a relapse if they are struggling with the disease of addiction. We need to support those individuals with open arms to get them the help they need.
  • Shame & Stigma are Keeping People Sick & Dying: Guilt is keeping us quite & silence = death
  • What is #AddictionXamerica? Ryan tells us where his journey started. Him and his best friend traveled 7,896 Miles, across 22 States, in 31 Days, went to a National Party Convention, and all in a 35-Foot RV.  The Journey to Change the Way America Views and Treats Addiction Is Just Beginning.

Ryan calls out everyone in America and encourages them to take a stand and join the recovery movement.

  • Share your story.
  • Offer to help someone that is struggling.
  • Take action now.

More information at or follow Ryan Hampton on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Episode Call to Action:

SHARE YOUR STORY with us and speak about the issues you most care about. When #WeAllRiseTogether we make a huge difference throughout the world!
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