Family Speaks Out After Losing Their Son to Addiction


Rise & Grind Recovery Radio E10 – Family Speaks Out After Losing Their Son to Addiction

Family Speaks Out After Losing Their Son to Addiction

This week, it was an honor to sit down with the family of Zach Rozelle, where they share how they tragically lost their son to the disease of addiction in October of 2016. Zach’s stepmom, Betsy Rozelle, his father Ben, and his step-sister Bree Schmidt, joined us in the studio to bring a message of hope. They are sharing their son’s story so that it will hopefully help someone out there, a family, who may be suffering and inspire them to find support.

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Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Can you give us a brief background of whom you and your family are and why you are here today?
  • Would you be willing to share your family’s full story? Why are you so willing? What are your hopes in doing so?
  • How is your family getting support today?
  • What would you say to others that may have lost a child to the disease of addiction?
  • What would you tell other parents and family members out there?

“So lay down your burdens
Lay down your shame
All who are broken
Lift up your face
Oh wanderer come home
You’re not too far
So lay down your hurt
Lay down your heart
Come as you are”

In loving memory of Zach. Your story is not over.



  • Zach’s story will not go untold. The Rozelle family will continue to share their son’s story to help save those that are struggling with addiction.
  • Giving a voice to the voiceless can help eliminate the stigma around addiction. Sharing your story, by being open, and not hiding behind shame & guilt is the beginning of helping to eliminate that social stigma.
  • When people share without shame, our community has a better chance of healing; no matter how difficult the loss has been.
  • Our system is broken. We don’t have a current healthcare system that can fully support those struggling or impacted by addiction. Prevention, better access to treatment, and recovery support services need to be supported more than ever. Otherwise, we will continue to lose our loved ones & families will continue to suffer.
  • We need to treat addiction as the disease it is. Our country is facing an epidemic. Being open & honest can help families break away from denial and take care of their loved ones or themselves.
  • Everyone struggles. How we cope can make all the difference.
  • Zach’s father, Ben, has been in recovery for the past 25 years. Throughout this interview, he gives our audience an idea of what long-term recovery can look like with great tips & pointers to help sustain recovery.
  • Recovery is truly possible for everyone. It is important for those who are struggling today to hear this now more than ever. Ask for help & never give up.
  • Family shares Zach’s obituary in hopes to help prevent others from experiencing the pain they are experiencing.
  • To other’s that have experienced a loss of a loved one, the Rozelle family encourages people to find faith, reach out for help, share your story, don’t isolate, and don’t blame yourself. It isn’t your fault. Find the support you or family needs. They promise that the love and support from others can help you find that smile again; regardless of how difficult the times may be.
  • We can heal through sharing with others.
  • Social media, online public and private groups can be great resources for those looking for support. For example, networking can help you discover other pathway’s to recovery or a variety of support groups.
  • We all need community connection.


The Rozelle family encourages people to reach out to those that may be struggling, especially now during the holidays. Some families may also be missing someone during this holiday season and they would be more than happy to help; even if it is just to listen.

Feel free to contact the Rozelle family by email @

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