Choice in Recovery – Irina Bogomolova Interview


This week, we got a chance to sit down with our great friend Irina Bogomolova, where we discussed her efforts with a program she started called “Choice in Recovery”.  This great public service is working hard to unite the many pathways to recovery and provide options for people struggling with substance use disorder. Listen to hear how this can help make a difference in your community.

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“We feature stories of recovery, advocacy, and invite anyone who is passionate about making a difference in their community. People are even using this as a resource for those who are struggling and for those who want to learn how to actively get involved”

Key Topics of Discussion:

1.Can you tell our audience a little background of who you are & whether or not you are in recovery?
2. How did you dedicate your time in the addiction recovery community?
3. How does that relate to all pathways to recovery?
4. Can you mention some of the pathways & other resources that you are discovering?
5 .Can you let us know what some of your priorities are this year?
6. How can people get involved?


What is Choice in Recovery?


To unite the many pathways to recovery (recovery support services) and educate the public and professionals in the field about the existing recovery support services. We deliver on our commitment by uniting representatives from the many pathways to recovery, presenting an innovative and dynamic panel discussion, and offering participants a chance to meet with representatives from different recovery programs to learn more. Choice empowers professionals in the field to truly operate a client centered practice.


All individuals are empowered to CHOOSE a recovery pathway that resonates with them.

What we do:

Choice fulfills its mission and vision by contracting with various organizations and agencies in order to host Choice events at their facilities/campuses. We begin our events with presentations from each program representative. This is then followed by a dynamic panel discussion. We conclude our events with an expo-style, information fair with tables for each program. Audience members can pick up flyers and brochures from the presenters and continue the conversation on a one-on- one basis. Choice events generally last two hours, but can be customized for different audiences as needed.

Events have included representatives from SMART Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, Phoenix Multisport, Women for Sobriety, Moderation Management, Colorado University’s Collegiate Recovery Center, LifeRing, Harm Reduction, and Medication Assisted Treatment.

It is about time we change the conversation. Everyone knows someone who has struggled with some type of substance use disorder. Whether it is themselves, their siblings, their parents, their parent’s friend, their friend, etc. And just as everyone’s journey down that path is different, it is about time we offer different paths out as well. It is about time to we change the conversation from you must go to this meeting, to, you have many options, choose. It is about time we empower individuals to choose their way out.

Episode Notes:

  • Irina shares why moderation plays a very important role in her life when it comes to drinking.
  • Discussion of the importance of physical fitness.
  • Conversation around what is Choice in Recovery & how it is bringing together various recovery programs available for substance use. Allowing people to CHOOSE how to live their lives powerfully.
  • Explanation of various different path’s to recovery.

Check out the video!
Choice in Recovery – A look at many pathways to recovery


Irina encourages people support efforts like Choice in Recovery in your community or by supporting online. In order to make long lasting change, people need to start dedicating their time and resources to the cause’s they most care about.

Contact info: & Check out their FACEBOOK


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