The Joy of Paying It Forward

In Episode 59 of Far From Finished Michele talks about the biggest thing she learned in recovery — you don’t have to be drunk or take pills to have fun. She acknowledges that she finally has joy which she didn’t have before. For her happiness is based on one’s circumstances and joy comes from within. Today Michele has joy.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) presents “Far From Finished,” a weekly podcast that shares the real-life stories of people who survived substance use to thrive in recovery.

Michele’s long journey with addiction began when she was introduced to benzodiazepines. She became so addicted to them that she began forging prescriptions until she was caught and charged with a misdemeanor.  Today she is grateful that she didn’t die as a result of her enormous pill intake.

Despite her best attempts to hide her pill use from her family, they recognized that something was wrong with her and intervened multiple times. At a point where she felt utterly helpless, it was a knock on her door that changed Michele’s life. It was her mother who spent the next five hours consoling Michele telling her that things would get better.  Admitting herself to a rehab center that her family thought could help her, Michele opted for a year-long treatment there because she knew she needed to spend a long time getting better. After going through their program, Michele was offered an internship where she began working in the aftercare department. She worked with alumni and trained volunteers to be mentors to the clients. She’s thankful to work in the field of addiction recovery because she truly believes she has purpose in serving others and providing hope to those who struggle with addiction.

Living in recovery, Michele’s life has changed in a variety of ways. She knows who she is now. For her, her faith has given her a lot. Its given her an identity. Its opened her heart towards giving back to others. Now she uses her testimony to help other people.

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