More than Just a Fantasy – Listen to Justin’s Story

In Episode 61 of Far From Finished Justin talks about the importance of making a plan while in recovery. He wants control and knows that darkness wants the control back and doesn’t like seeing him successful. He knows he will achieve happiness as long as he doesn’t remain stagnant in his program and practices his steps.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) presents “Far From Finished,” a weekly podcast that shares the real-life stories of people who survived substance use to thrive in recovery.

As a kid, Justin was a very driven individual who had a love for books. He spent most of his life staying in his room reading fantasy novels. He wanted to be the hero of a story. As an adoptee Justin would think about who he was and who he wanted to be. When the opportunity came to try marijuana for the first time he finally felt like he was a part of something that was real life. Things escalated quickly and by the time Justin was 18 years old he was using meth and was sentenced to two category B felonies. He was robbing, using and abusing people. He was destroying his life.

Justin had lost all his money and the drugs were not working anymore. He knew he was done and had to get help. After detoxing off the drugs, Justin went back to meetings. He remembers going to a meeting and describing it as the world not being in color. He sat down during an AA meeting and decided that he wasn’t going to leave. He continued to sit in that same seat and about 15 days later he found a sponsor. He was also able to go through the steps for the first time. He went through it as honestly and thoroughly as he could.

In sobriety, Justin brings the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. He believes that nothing ensures immunity from the next drink more than helping another alcoholic. His recovery has given him a home, a wife, a son (due in December) and relationships with his parents again. Justin has been blessed with the ability to show the newcomer or another sponsee what it’s like to be where he was and to get what he has.Today Justin gets to fulfill his dream of being a hero in one of his fantasy books.

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