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The Way Out Podcast Episode 71 – Amber Murphy Part Two

Amber had enough. Bedeviled by the throws of addiction, she shares how divine intervention compelled her to do something she would have never imagined – attend a local recovery meeting. Amber describes how one meeting was the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening, and continues to be a guiding force in Amber’s twelve years of continuous sobriety.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 70 – Amber Murphy Part One

Author of “Can’t Keep a Sober Girl Down” and active member of her recovery community, Amber shares what her early life was like. She discusses how addiction and alcoholism gripped her family life before the disease took aim at her own life.

The Way Out Podcast Game Show – Blasts from Podcasts Past with “O”

This week we bring you the first ever Game Show in the history of The Way Out Podcast.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 68 – Get to Know Omar “O” Pinto

This week; with a heart over filleth with gratitude and joy I bring you a show featuring the incomparable Omar Pinto from the Shair Podcast.