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The Way Out Podcast Episode 89 – Raven Part One

I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host this week as I bring you part one with my dear friend Raven, who shares her story of addiction, alcoholism and recovery in only the way she can. Raven’s matter of fact, tell it like it is style makes listening to her share on her story ultra listenable as she starts her story as a girl coming of age in Southern California. A child of divorce, Raven experienced the yin and yang of the wealth on one side and the meager one the other. Raven struggles with self-image, self-esteem, self-harm, sexual abuse and a progressive drug and alcohol addiction that completely enveloped her life. Listen Up.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 88 – John Mabry Part Two

I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host this week as we bring you part 2 of my discussion with John C Mabry. We pick up right where we left off last week as John describes how he rose to success in film and TV as his disease was taking him to unimaginable lows. John suffers another unimaginable and traumatic tragedy which takes him from the fame of Hollywood to near penniless living in a trailer before finding meaningful and lasting Recovery.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 87 – John Mabry Part One

John Clint Mabry’s journey to living in recovery & living in his self-described “truth” is a powerful lesson on the toll addiction and alcoholism takes on us – packed with spiritual truth from beginning to end!

The Way Out Podcast Episode 84 – Eric Part Two

I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host for part two of my interview with Eric, a loyal listener of The Way Out Podcast whom bravely shares his story with us. In part two, Eric shares how his alcoholism comes to a breaking point and his realization that he can’t stop drinking comes crashing down upon him; he knows of Alcoholics Anonymous by now and is finally willing to do whatever it takes to recover. Listen Up.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 82 – Smile Now & Cry Later with Freddy Negrete (Part Two)

Freddy’s heart condition resulting from his addictions begins to rear it’s ugly head and threatens to cut his life abruptly short. Listen as Freddy shares how frighteningly close he was to death and what it took to finally surrender to the God of his understanding providing the fertile ground from which his amazing recovery began to grow.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 81 – Smile Now and Cry Later with Freddy Negrete (Part One)

Art had always been Freddy’s calling from his early graffiti days giving rise to quickly becoming the most sought after black & grey realist in the world. Addiction was ubiquitous in gang lifestyle and Freddy was no exception as he went into a downward spiral of heroin addiction.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 80 – Leeanne Part Two

Leeann’s story is so instructive in many ways; as she shares her first 13 years of recovery in a state of physical sobriety and emotional inebriety. Leeanne’s path was hard work, with lessons learned and spiritual self-truths acquired – while wondering in the often dark and foreign wilderness of sobriety.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 79 – Leeanne Part One

Leeanne’s Recovery journey is one of years spent spiritually asleep; marked by profound surrenders and awakenings; a true testament to the promises of recovery coming sometimes quickly, and sometimes slowly. Listen Up.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 78 – Brandon Novak Part Two

Brandon shares his implausible journey to recovery, and the miracles that have transpired in his life since achieving substantial and meaningful recovery. Listen Up.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 77 – Brandon Novak Part One

Brandon’s early years were stamped indelibly through early family turmoil juxtaposed against his incredible and clearly God given skateboarding talents. Brandon’s rare and exceptional life fueled his self-described superiority complex; which turned out to be quite the perilous mix for this budding addict and alcoholic.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 76 – HIStory Part Two

In this episode we pick up right where we left off; with our guest in the middle of a crisis. His foster parents are worried he’s attending “too many” recovery meetings and is using them as an escape; that if he wishes to stay at their home he’s to be on a strict meeting allowance of two per week. These meetings are our man’s lifeline to sobriety and recovery; yet he isn’t particularly keen, as you might imagine, on the prospect of being homeless either.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 75 – HIStory Part One

You’ll notice a number of elements typically included in the podcast conspicuously absent from this week’s and next week’s episodes. Most evident perhaps, is you will never hear our guest’s name uttered even once – a condition I only learned of moments before the interview began. 

The Way Out Podcast Episode 74 – Christopher Lee Falck Part Two

Christopher had chance encounter with the “seen it all before in triplicate” detox nurse. She asked him to promise to show up for treatment. The next day, Christopher showed up – which turned out to be the first day of the rest of his life. Listen Up.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 73 – Christopher Lee Falck Part One

Christopher’s life was nearly over before it really even began. He suffered a traumatic accident while riding on the back of a Harley with his alcoholic father, whom would nearly end up killing his mother in another drunken accident a few short months later.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 72 – Bottoms Up: Letting Go of the Idea of Hitting Bottom with Laura L.

Laura’s story provides instructive insight into hitting a bottom in recovery. With over 4 years of continuous sobriety; Laura shares how she not only recovered from alcoholism, but also from the trauma of being an adult child of an alcoholic.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 71 – Amber Murphy Part Two

Amber had enough. Bedeviled by the throws of addiction, she shares how divine intervention compelled her to do something she would have never imagined – attend a local recovery meeting. Amber describes how one meeting was the beginning of a profound spiritual awakening, and continues to be a guiding force in Amber’s twelve years of continuous sobriety.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 70 – Amber Murphy Part One

Author of “Can’t Keep a Sober Girl Down” and active member of her recovery community, Amber shares what her early life was like. She discusses how addiction and alcoholism gripped her family life before the disease took aim at her own life.

The Way Out Podcast Game Show – Blasts from Podcasts Past with “O”

This week we bring you the first ever Game Show in the history of The Way Out Podcast.

The Way Out Podcast Episode 68 – Get to Know Omar “O” Pinto

This week; with a heart over filleth with gratitude and joy I bring you a show featuring the incomparable Omar Pinto from the Shair Podcast.