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Let’s Start Talking to Kids about Addiction: Tracy Plouck, Ohio MHAS

Tracy Plouck is the director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction (MHAS) Services and has been a member of Governor John Kasich’s Cabinet since January 2011. As director of MHAS, Tracy has been witness to the effects of the opioid epidemic statewide.

Dr. Tom Gilson, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner

In this episode of the Cover2 Podcast, Greg interviews Dr. Tom Gilson, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner. Dr. Gilson has worked as a medical examiner for 22 years, the last 5 in Cuyahoga County. In that short span of time, he has seen an opioid epidemic emerge in Northeast Ohio.

Bringing the Treatment to the People: Ricardo Tull, Street Teams

Greg interviews Ricardo Tull, who works for Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and leads the CRAFT (Coordinated Response to Addiction Facilitating Treatment) Program.

Chico Lewis & Roger Lowe, Needle Exchange, Part One

In this episode of the Cover2 Podcast, Greg interviews Chico Lewis and Roger Lowe on-site at the Free Clinic Needle Exchange in Cleveland. They discuss the program, which allows drug users to trade their needles for clean ones. This helps prevent the spread of HIV and hepatitis C.

Putting Naloxone in Every Medicine Cabinet: Mark O’Brien, Staying Alive

Greg interviews Mark O’Brien, the Director of Opioid Overdose Prevention and Treatment for the city of Baltimore. Many U.S. cities have first responders carrying the heroin-antidote naloxone, but in Baltimore they have a loftier goal of getting the lifesaving drug into the medicine cabinet of every resident.

Dr. Tom Gilson, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner

Greg interviews Dr. Tom Gilson, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner. Dr. Gilson has worked as a medical examiner for 22 years, the last 5 in Cuyahoga County. In that short span of time, he has seen an opioid epidemic emerge in Northeast Ohio.

Detox Is Just The Beginning: Bill Denihan, ADAMHSCC

Greg interviews Bill Denihan, CEO of ADAMHS, Cuyahoga County. The Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County serves residents who need help in these areas. Bill talks to Greg about the process of detox and what must happen afterward to ensure a successful recovery.

Bill Gilliland, Treatment Alternatives (Boca House)

Greg McNeil, Founder and President, interviews Bill Gilliland, the Chief Operating Officer of Treatment Alternatives in Boca Raton, Florida.

After Dreamland Pt. 4: Recognizing an Unmet Need and Stepping Up, JoAnna Krohn

Greg interviews JoAnna Krohn, the Founder of SOLACE (Surviving Our Loss and Continuing Everyday). SOLACE is a non-profit organization that provides community for those who’ve lost a loved one to substance abuse.

After Dreamland Pt. 3: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Substance Abuse, J. Merrick

Greg interviews Jason Merrick, the Director of Addiction Services at Kenton County Detention Center in Covington, Kentucky. He also worked with Sam Quinones on his highly-acclaimed book Dreamland.

After Dreamland Pt. 2: The Correlation Between Overdose Deaths and Prescriptions, Dr. Gay

Greg interviews Dr. Joe Gay, a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Chemical Dependency Professional and the Executive Director of Health Recovery Services in Athens, Ohio.

After Dreamland Pt. 1: Portsmouth’s Prolific Pill-Mill Past, Lisa Roberts

Greg interviews Lisa Roberts, a Health Department Nurse for the city of Portsmouth, Ohio. She’s been working as a Portsmouth nurse for the past 29 years.

Genetic Testing Reveals Overdose Threshold: Dr. Jeanette Moleski, Addiction Specialist

“We did the genetic testing and she was unable to metabolize oxycodone…So we switched her to just plain morphine at a much lower dose with fewer side effects. She’s doing remarkably well. [Genetic testing] was a game changer for this patient.”

Stopping Substance Abuse via Random Drug Testing: Administrative Team, Lacey Schools

Greg interviews an administrative panel from Lacey Township School District, including Superintendent Craig Wigley, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Vanessa Clark, and District Supervisor William Zylinski. The Lacey School District has recently addressed a hot topic by conducting random drug testing in their high school. While the school has always been aware of drug testing, they haven’t done random drug testing until fairly recently.

Compassion and Justice in Drug Court: Judge David T. Matia, Cuyahoga County Drug Court

In this episode of the Cover2 Resources Podcast, Greg McNeil, Founder and President, interviews Judge David T. Matia. Judge Matia presides over the Cuyahoga County Drug Court, the first of its kind in Cleveland. He has had a powerful role brokering justice and compassion in the lives of Cleveland’s drug addicts.

When Kids Really Start Using Substances: Web and Mason, Hidden In Plain Sight

Marcie discusses how Marijuana and alcohol use at a young age can lead to substance abuse later in life. She gives the example of kids she’s worked with the Police Department Immersion Program who’ve struggled with Marijuana or alcohol at 15 or 16, struggling with opioids five or six years later.

Creating a Heartfelt Preventative Effort for Adolescents: Angie Ferguson, DFCA Part One

Back in 2005, Angie’s father and a colleague told Angie of an idea they had to combat drug abuse. As firefighters, they had witnessed a lack of heartfelt preventative efforts by others. So they pitched an idea to Angie, formulated for high school students, offering incentives for passing drug tests.

Alieving Pain Without Opioids: Dr. Mark Rosenberg, ALTO

“If I can get them comfortable and relieve their pain, I’m delighted not to use opioids,” says Dr. Rosenberg.

Equipping Summit County with Narcan: Jerry Craig, Executive Director ADM Board

Jerry Craig, the Executive Director of the Summit County Alcohol, Drug, Addiction and Mental Services Board, is working to get Narcan widely distributed in Summit County. He discusses the Summit County Opiate Task Force.