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Joseph W. Naus is the author of Straight Pepper Diet: A memoir. (Listen in to find out how to win a free copy of the book!) So how did he become an author? Joseph says all roads lead to hell when he’s asked that question.

Joseph W. Naus endured a brutal childhood with a heroin-addicted mother who was so incapacitated that he had to spend the night at friends’ houses just so he could eat. Joseph tried not be noticed as a kid, but that didn’t keep kids from picking on him in school. One day he decided he would rather die than be a coward and signed up for martial arts classes during the birth of kickboxing. From then, no one bullied him again and he immersed himself in the Straight Edge scene. But Joseph’s sober days were numbered.

He discovered cigarettes, casual sex, and alcohol one sublime night in New York City, and decided that those three vices were what he wanted to pursue in life. Joseph managed to graduate from Pepperdine Law School and became a successful attorney, but his addictions spiraled out of control, culminating in a disastrous scene that almost ended in death.

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