Finding Your Identity

finding your identity

What was your identity before using drugs and alcohol?

What was your identity in active addiction?

Have you connected to a new sense of self in your sobriety?

In this episode, Shane Ramer details the identity crisis he suffered after quitting alcohol and drugs, and how taking his two-year-old to a hardcore punk show made him feel like he was finally on his way back home to his true self.

Those recovering from alcohol or drugs frequently identify themselves with a scene or lifestyle and have a difficult time connecting with themselves in their new sober identity. They can’t enjoy the things they used to enjoy while they were using. They become depressed and lost and isolated.

In childhood, Shane first identified himself as a baseball player, but as he got older, his interests turned to music and the sex, drugs, and rock n roll that inevitably came with live music scene. Later on, after he got sober, he wondered who would he be now?

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