One Year – No Beer with Andy Ramage

Can You Quit Drinking In Today’s Culture?

One Year – No Beer with Andy Ramage

Can you quit drinking in today’s culture? We have the tools you’re going to need.

Andy Ramage is the co-founder of the “One Year No Beer” alcohol-free lifestyle revolution. He is a master practitioner of “NLP” (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Andy is a mindful-based awareness coach, and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology.

Andy used to be a heavy drinker. As a broker, it was part of his job to entertain clients. After years of drinking he noticed he was gaining weight, performing poorly, and was too tired to enjoy his family. He decided to take a break from alcohol, and to his surprise, discovered that it was the most incredible thing he had ever done in his life.

Now, Andy wants to counteract our alcohol-infused culture by promoting an alcohol-free lifestyle and giving people the tools they need to combat the enormous social pressure to drink.

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