Your Brain on Drugs Ep 3 – Let’s Get Weird

Alright, let’s dive into the weird drugs: marijuana and psychedelics (mushrooms, acid, and ecstasy). These drugs have stumped researchers, but why? Dr. Ben Romoli explains how these drugs work and why they are so strange.

Your Brain on Drugs Ep 3 – Let’s Get Weird

What really happens when someone takes a drug? What’s going on in their brain to produce such wild effects? And what’s so weird about hallucinogens? We sat down with Dr. Scott Salomone, a resident in psychiatry, and Dr. Ben Romoli, a neuroscience drug researcher, to talk about why some drugs are deadly and what can happen to your brain and body if you fall into a pattern of abuse. Can your brain ever recover from the damage? Tune in to find out!

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