Latest Episodes

Going Further, Faster with Jillian McCarney

For today’s show, I caught up with Jillian McCarney, Foundations Recovery Network’s regional manager of business development for the West Coast, about building a team that builds lasting relationships.

Redefining the Rites of Passage with Todd Stumbo

My guest today is Todd Stumbo, CEO of Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center in northern Georgia, who speaks about redefining manhood’s rites of passage.

Recovery Unscripted #23: Turning Technology into a Lifeline with Peter Loeb

Today’s guest is Peter Loeb, co-founder and CEO of Lionrock Recovery, which offers telehealth addiction treatment through video conferencing.

Recovery Unscripted #22: Discovering an Active, Sober Identity with Lauren Slivinski

For today’s show, I’m joined by Lauren Slivinski, manager of the Orange County chapter of Phoenix Multisport, a nonprofit that fosters a supportive, physically active community.

Recovery Unscripted #21: Demystifying Interventions with Brian O’Shea

Today’s guest is Brian O’Shea, experienced interventionist and sober coach.

Recovery Unscripted #12: Bringing Sex Addition Out of the Shadows with Jes Montgomery

My guest today is Dr. Jes Montgomery, an expert in treating addictive sexual behavior with nearly 30 years of experience focusing on the family and long-term aspects of recovery.

Recovery Unscripted #14: Making Data-Driven Decisions with Philip Hemphill

For this episode, I met with Dr. Philip Hemphill, the Chief Clinical Officer at Lakeview Health treatment center.

Recovery Unscripted #10: The Art of Connection with John West

Today’s guest is John West, co-founder of The Guest House Ocala and president of Sober Companions.

Recovery Unscripted #19: Outplaying Video Game Addiction with Cam Adair

For today’s show, my guest is Cam Adair, founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction.

Recovery Unscripted #18: Conquering Your Inner Mammal with Loretta Breuning

For this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Loretta Breuning, author and founder of the Inner Mammal Institute.

Recovery Unscripted #20: Exploring Culture Across Generations with Jaime Vinck and Tena Moyer

My guests today are Jaime Vinck and Dr. Tena Moyer, who serve as the Chief Operations Officer and associate medical director at the Arizona treatment center Sierra Tucson.

Recovery Unscripted #17: Being a Recovery Ally with Sarah Zucker

Today’s guest is Dr. Sarah Zucker, who serves as clinical psychologist with the AToN Center treatment program in California.

Recovery Unscripted #16: Viewing Addiction Through the Spiritual Lens with TJ Woodward

My guest today is TJ Woodward, inspirational author and spiritual care counselor with the Foundations San Francisco outpatient program.

Recovery Unscripted #9: Building Your Brand with Michael Myles

For this episode, I caught up with Michael Myles, CEO of Active Marketing, at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas.

Recovery Unscripted #11: Inspiring Great Healing with Noah benShea

On today’s episode, I talk with Noah benShea, international best-selling author and public speaker.

Recovery Unscripted #13: Disrupting the Healthcare Staffing Industry with Matt Tant

Today’s guest is Matt Tant, an entrepreneur and former NFL player who is currently the CEO of the Relode.

Recovery Unscripted #15: Running Toward Community with Christi Beth Adams

Today, I’m joined by Christi Beth Adams, the owner of Nashville’s Fleet Feet athletic stores.

Recovery Unscripted #8: Restoring Relationships with Lori Jean Glass

Today’s guest is Lori Jean Glass, a renowned relationship coach, educator and expert on love addiction, love avoidance and co-dependency.

Recovery Unscripted #7: Breaking the Stigma with Amy Cooper and Margaret Phillips

Today, I’m joined by two of the lead advocates for Heroes in Recovery, Amy Cooper and Margaret Phillips.

Recovery Unscripted #6: Transforming the Past with John Southworth

On this episode, renowned interventionist John Southworth joins me for a interview at the Recovery Results conference in Dallas.