Latest Episodes

Walking with Patients Through Resistance with Jennifer Angier

My guest today is Jennifer Angier, a veteran addictions counselor who now serves as CEO of Talbott Recovery in Georgia.

Exploring Food Addiction with Julie Friedman

On today’s show, I’m joined by Dr. Julie Friedman, a health psychologist in the specialties of binge eating disorder, night eating syndrome and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Keeping Love First with Jeff Jay

Today’s guest is Jeff Jay, interventionist and co-author of the best-selling book Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention.

Creating a Safe Place for LGBTQ Individuals with Anna Hagen and Angi Grassley

Today, I’m excited to have a conversation about the unique challenges facing the LGBTQ community and how they meet those needs at Pride Institute, where my guests Anna Hagen and Angi Grassley serve as therapist and community relations director.

Studying Recovery Schools with Andrew Finch

For today’s show, I’m joined by Vanderbilt University professor Dr. Andrew Finch, one of the country’s foremost authorities on integrating education and recovery support in an academic setting.

Linking Law Enforcement and Recovery Communities with Deputy Samantha Clementi

Today, I’m excited to bring you our first viewpoint from the law enforcement side of the opioid crisis with Deputy Samantha Clementi of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in South Florida.

Approaching Outpatient Care with Alex Dorsey and Ashley Buchanan

For today’s show, I welcome two guests who can give us an inside look at the role outpatient treatment plays in the overall recovery journey: Alex Dorsey, who leads the admissions team for 13 outpatient facilities, and Ashley Buchanan, who serves as a patient care coordinator for Georgia treatment program Black Bear Lodge.

Opening the Door to DBT with Eboni Webb

Today, we hear from Dr. Eboni Webb, an internationally renowned trainer in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Pioneering Neuropsychiatric Care with Steven Airhart

For today’s show, I’m happy to welcome Steven Airhart, CEO of Hartgrove Behavioral Health System in Chicago.

Bridging the Gap Between Treatment and the Community with Scott Silverman

When he saw the great need in his community, Scott Silverman founded a non-profit that helps disrupt the cycle of incarceration and poverty by helping people find their own path to self-sufficiency.

Tackling Dissociative Identity Disorder with Herschel Walker

For today’s show, I’m excited to bring you a conversation with Heisman trophy winner Herschel Walker about overcoming mental illness.

Spotlighting Addiction from the Stage with Caty Davis and Emily McLeod

Today I’m joined by two special guests who use their unique platforms to bring attention to both the gravity of the addiction crisis and the profound hope of recovery.

Building an Ethical Culture with Tom Garofola

Today, I’m joined by Tom Garofola, Chief Marketing Officer of Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers.

Intervention Roundtable with Louise Stanger, Sara Counes, Phil Plant and Arthur Westinghouse

Today, I’m excited to bring you a roundtable discussion all about interventions with Louise Stanger, Sara Counes, Phil Plant and Arthur Westinghouse.

How Healthcare Policy Impacts Treatment with Michael Barnes

For today’s episode, I sat down with Michael Barnes, attorney and managing partner at DCBA Law and Policy in Washington, DC, a firm that provides strategic counsel for organizations in the areas of healthcare and drug safety.

Understanding Google’s New Search Ad Regulations with Dan Gemp

My guest today is Dan Gemp, president and CEO of Dreamscape Marketing, a creative firm that provides digital marketing solutions for companies in the addiction and mental health treatment field.

Going Beyond the Limelight with Steve Ford

Today’s guest is Steve Ford, the son of former President Gerald Ford and addiction awareness pioneer Betty Ford.

Releasing Trauma at the Cellular Level with Kat Cross

My guest is Kat Cross, who serves as creator of possibilities for Spirit 2 Spirit Healing and The Guest House Ocala with Judy Crane.

Finding Hope for Parents of Addicted Children with Kim Humphrey

Today’s guest is Kim Humphrey, who serves as chairman of the board for Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, a non-profit organization offering education, support and hope at weekly meetings nationwide.

Healing Through Horses with Dale Phillips and Duke Vinson

For today’s show, I’m excited to discuss the value of using equine therapy to heal trauma and addiction with equine therapist Dale Phillips and Bluff Plantation executive director Duke Vinson.