The Dark Side Of Pro Wrestling – Interview With Jim Smallman

In the darkest days of my life, pro wrestling always gave me an outlet.

One of my favorite wrestling organizations is called Progress Wrestling. It is a wrestling circuit in the UK and is run and co-founder by Jim Smallman.

Who is Jim Smallman?

In this interview, I interview Jim Smallman. This has truly been a highlight of my life and an honor for me.

Jim and I spoke at length about his experience with the addiction problem in the pro wrestling scene. Jim tells us about his own recovery and what it took for him to get sober.

Jim considers himself a straight edge. Most of the American culture considers straight edge to be a militant form of recovery. They don’t drink, smoke, have promiscuous sex and are vegan.

However, the roots of the straight edge culture root from the punk rock scene.

In this week’s episode I discuss…

  • Addiction in pro wrestling.
  • The Straight Edge subculture.
  • Jim’s experience with the 12 steps.
  • The alcoholism problem in the UK and England.

The Dark Side Of Pro Wrestling – Interview With Jim Smallman

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