A Different Kind of Trip

In Episode 63 of Far From Finished Bryce talks about how recovery allowed him to reconnect with his family. He feels that he was able to bring his family together by just making himself better.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) presents “Far From Finished,” a weekly podcast that shares the real-life stories of people who survived substance use to thrive in recovery.

Bryce wanted to develop his own self-image. In pursuit of this goal, he began taking drugs, selling them, and traveling to music festivals across the country. He thought that, maybe there was a new life out there. A lifestyle where he could live off the grid and not be trapped by society. Today he knows that latching onto a reckless lifestyle of uninhibited cross country partying selling drugs is no substitute for having a strong support system of family and true friends.

After a year of drug use, Bryce had burned enough brain cells that he had reached his low. He found himself in jail for assault, with his mother refusing to bail him out unless he went to treatment. Eventually bailed out by his two best friends, the opportunity to enter treatment was once again presented to him. It suddenly hit Bryce that he had to get help.

When he walked into treatment Bryce knew that he was supposed to be there. He recognized that something was calling him for a higher purpose. After only 20 days of sobriety he started to feel like the veteran of the house and he began to reach out to others, helping anyone if they were in need.

Bryce believes that as you start to get further along in your recovery, you start to see more blessings coming your way. Rehab allowed him to be the real Bryce. Today he feels like he’s on the front lines of trying to be a good man, focused on doing what is right.

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