Tom Simmons: How not to respond to internet trolls, addiction and creativity

Jamie talks with clear headed comedian Tom Simmons. Tom is a prolific, opinionated comedian that has appeared on BET, Laughs TV, and currently spends his time touring and hosting the popular internet television show “So Then There’s This.”


The Magic of Support Groups

In Episode 49 of Far From Finished, Patrick talks about how his support group has been one of the most important factors in his recovery. He knows that his support group will always be there for him. Above anything else his support group has their recovery in mind. That’s why they all get along so well.

Having the Courage to Get Help

In Episode 48 of Far From Finished, Chris talks about not knowing where his sobriety is going to take him but liking the track that he’s on. He believes that it’s exciting. He is going to continue to learn, to grow, and do what makes him happy. He knows he’ll always move forward especially with his children.

Drug Addiction, Self-Loathing, and the Power of Forgiveness with Emily Hooks.

Emily Hooks the founder of The Forgiveness Academy joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.

How Befriending Other Women Gave Samantha Hope

In Episode 47 of Far From Finished, Samantha talks about her experience in sober living and befriending the women there — these women are the same people that she keeps in her life today. Samantha was able to safely open up because these women that she didn’t know, were sharing similar experiences (with relationships and children) she had gone through.

Rob Schneider: Best Seinfeld story ever. Leno and Rock’s best comedy advice. Being friends with Farley.

You know him as a comedian and actor. A former cast member of SNL, creating classic characters like Richmeis “the copy guy.” He’s done over 50 movies with Adam Sandler. He’s an accomplished stand-up comedian with a special on Netflix and probably 100 appearances on Late night shows. But there is a lot more to Rob Schneider.  We get into comedy, acting, being friends with” being friends with addicts, Chris Farley and Robin Williams and what those guys were like.

Proof that Your Past Doesn’t Determine Your Future with Jerrod

In Episode 52 of Far From Finished, Jerrod talks about the importance of providing the best treatment possible for those afflicted by addiction. Jerrod believes that providing the best quality of care means assembling the right teams. This means having good therapists and good staff that a client can relate to. It’s all about setting a good tone from the very beginning.

Bill Gilliland, Treatment Alternatives (Boca House)

Greg McNeil, Founder and President, interviews Bill Gilliland, the Chief Operating Officer of Treatment Alternatives in Boca Raton, Florida.

“Passion and Purpose” with Tony G. successful entrepreneur and recovering from addiction

Tony Grebmeier of The Tony G. show and Fortune 5000 ShipOffers joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.

After Dreamland Pt. 4: Recognizing an Unmet Need and Stepping Up, JoAnna Krohn

Greg interviews JoAnna Krohn, the Founder of SOLACE (Surviving Our Loss and Continuing Everyday). SOLACE is a non-profit organization that provides community for those who’ve lost a loved one to substance abuse.

Taking a Closer Look at the Opioid Crisis with Holly Fletcher

My guest today is Holly Fletcher, healthcare reporter for Nashville’s daily newspaper, The Tennessean.

“The Dopey Podcast” Chris and Dave, Stupid Funny Addiction Stories.

Chris and Dave of The Dopey Podcast join us today on The SHAIR Podcast

Becoming a Love Warrior with Glennon Doyle

Today’s guest is Glennon Doyle, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Love Warrior and creator of the online community Momastery.

“Party Girl” Anna David, host of the (RE)COVER Girl Podcast.

Anna David joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast and takes us through her battle with Alcohol and Drug Addiction and her inspiring journey into recovery.

Going Further, Faster with Jillian McCarney

For today’s show, I caught up with Jillian McCarney, Foundations Recovery Network’s regional manager of business development for the West Coast, about building a team that builds lasting relationships.

“Taking the Mask Off” with Cortland Pfeffer, Mental Health, Addiction and a Spiritual Solution.

Cortland Pfeffer joins today us on the SHAIR podcast.  Cortland is the author of “Taking the Mask Off: Destroying the Stigmatic Barriers of Mental Health and Addiction Using a Spiritual Solution.”

Redefining the Rites of Passage with Todd Stumbo

My guest today is Todd Stumbo, CEO of Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center in northern Georgia, who speaks about redefining manhood’s rites of passage.

Recovery Unscripted #23: Turning Technology into a Lifeline with Peter Loeb

Today’s guest is Peter Loeb, co-founder and CEO of Lionrock Recovery, which offers telehealth addiction treatment through video conferencing.