From Football Royalty, to Addict, to Recovery Pro

In Episode 38, Tim talks about his journey from being a college football star, to becoming an addict, then a man of faith, and ultimately a recovery industry professional. Sharing his recovery story has had a drastic impact on his life, in that he is able to inspire someone to never lose faith.

Sober Guy Radio Ep115 – Daniel Mills

Daniel Mills is a veteran of the US. Navy, a firefighter, paramedic, an educator and a Critical Care Flight Medic. Daniel became addicted to drugs and alcohol at an early age after growing up in an abusive home and being subjected to mob activity, and sexual abuse.

Sober Life Radio featuring Noah Levine

Noah Levine (best known for his book Dharma Punx) discusses sobriety, Buddhist principles and the founding of Refuge Recovery.

SHAIR 110: “How to Grow an Addict” with J.A. Wright

Jodi Wright the author How to Grow an Addict joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.

Jodi has been clean and sober since February 1985, and has worked in the entertainment industry since 1992. She’s been crafting this novel since she stopped using drugs and alcohol in 1985.

Alieving Pain Without Opioids: Dr. Mark Rosenberg, ALTO

“If I can get them comfortable and relieve their pain, I’m delighted not to use opioids,” says Dr. Rosenberg.

How I Learned To Stop Avoiding Reality

In Episode 37, Libby talks about how she was taught to simply avoid problems instead of facing them. This trait carried over into her addiction where she simply avoided the reality of her spiraling life. Even after treatment she denied being an alcoholic, but one fateful day she witnessed a life changing event. The following day, March 10th, 2012 was her sobriety date. She hasn’t picked up a drink since.

SHAIR 109: “Big Jim’s Walk” with Jim Downs, Soldier Up for Recovery

Jim Downs of Big Jim’s Walk joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. Big Jim is walking across America to bring awareness to the world of our addiction epidemic.

Big Jim’s Walk, Inc is a non-profit organization bringing awareness to the world of the addiction epidemic. Through this foundation, Big Jim’s Walk has plans to build an addiction recovery center, Camp Redemption, with the help from its’ donors and other community members.

Equipping Summit County with Narcan: Jerry Craig, Executive Director ADM Board

Jerry Craig, the Executive Director of the Summit County Alcohol, Drug, Addiction and Mental Services Board, is working to get Narcan widely distributed in Summit County. He discusses the Summit County Opiate Task Force.

Sober Guy Radio Ep123 – Michael Graubert | Sober Dad: The Manual for Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

Michael is a long-time sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, has been a member of Al-Anon for decades, and attends Overeaters Anonymous meetings as well. As he says, “If it moves, I’m obsessed with it, and if it stands still, I’m addicted to it.”

People Pleasing To People Helping

In Episode 36, Ben talks about how being a habitual people pleaser led to his drinking to escape anxiety. He went through the ups and downs of treatment until he finally stuck with it and found a new life that includes hobbies, a fiancé, and a career in addiction recovery. A job where he actually helps people instead of simply trying to please them.

SHAIR 108: “Kick the Sugar Addiction” with Sarah Roberts, get real, get happy, get sober!

Sarah Roberts of Sarah Talks Food joins us on The SHAIR Podcast

Sarah is 10 years sober from alcohol, and ever since then has been passionate about discovering ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Her book, “The 28 Day Kick the Sugar Challenge,” guides you on a 28 day journey towards better health and wellness, while helping you develop greater self-trust, self-respect, and self-love.

Getting Addicts the Help They Need: Donna Skoda, Public Health Commissioner

“The past year has been particularly problematic. Many individuals don’t live to tell about their experiences. It has been very tragic. It has made us really start thinking about the availability of our resources,” says Donna.

Back To Where I Was Before Addiction

In Episode 35, Tim talks about his progression from pain medication to heroine, and his many years in active addiction. He speaks about finding his spiritual connection, making the choice to seek recovery, and about how he now feels like he has picked up where he left off before the addiction took hold.

Sober Guy Radio Ep122 – Ryan Hampton & Garrett Hade | Facing Addiction Across America

Two Best friends, 7,896 Miles, 22 States, 31 Days, a National Party Convention, and a 35-Foot RV.

Spread Hope Like Fire – Kimber Lee Walker Interview

This week, we got a chance to sit down with our great friend Kimber Lee Walker, where we discussed her efforts with a program she started called “Spread Hope Like Fire”.  This great service aims to serve communities by providing addiction and mental health recovery peer supports. Listen to hear how you too can join the #HopeTribe!

Sober Life Radio: Episode 31 “All in the Family”

Billy Shaw  joins us in studio to discuss how he finally embraced recovery after a life of addiction and incarceration. His son Austin discusses his own addiction and what it was like growing up with Billy as his father.

Why Sober People Suck but Addicts are the Greatest with Legendary Radio Host Ron Bennington

Ron Bennington is a legend. He is one the greatest interviewer and radio hosts of all time and also happens to be in recovery.

SHAIR 107: “From Chrystal Meth to Comedy” Mike Lindsey shares his battle with addiction!

Mike Lindsey joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. Mike is the founder of AIR Wear Recovery Gear, AIR stands for Addicts In Recovery. Take pride in the accomplishment of overcoming addiction. AIR Wear, get your recovery on.

On today’s episode Mike take us through his gut wrenching battle with Chrystal Meth, you do not want to miss this episode.