SHAIR 110: “How to Grow an Addict” with J.A. Wright

JAWrightSocialJodi Wright the author How to Grow an Addict joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.

Jodi has been clean and sober since February 1985 and has worked in the entertainment industry since 1992. She’s been crafting this novel since she stopped using drugs and alcohol in 1985.

SHAIR 110: “How to Grow an Addict” with J.A. Wright

J.A. Wright’s How to Grow an Addict is a novelization about Randall Grange, a young girl who is trying to navigate the testy waters of her family life and come out unscathed despite growing up in a house full of addicts and abusers.

Join us now as Jodi takes us through her battle with Drugs and Alcohol, the wreckage it caused in her life when she hit rock bottom and her journey into recovery up until today.

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Clean Date: February 1985

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