Latest Episodes

It’s the Only Way with Alekzandr Mac

Getting clean after a decade of suboxone use.

Choosing Your Own Recovery Path with Kris Kelly

How can you find the treatment that works for you?

Behind the Wheel with Lori Kinney

How to find recovery when addiction and tragedy collide!

Addiction to the Underworld with Daniel Herron

Can the gang lifestyle be just as addictive as the drugs?

Sober as $#@! with Brandy Jouikov

Let’s Talk Recovery with Brandy Jouikov

The Recovery Grab Bag with John DeLisa

Taking Recovery on the Road with John DeLisa

Down The Rabbit Hole with Carrie Burgess

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with Carrie Burgess

Smile Now, Cry Later with Freddy Negrete

Freddy Negrete – Guns, Gangs, Tattoos & Recovery

Fear Less Live More with Sue Curr

How to approach life without fear

We Are Superman with David Clark

OUT THERE: A Story of Ultra Recovery

Discover the Divine Being Within with Sean Croxton

How are your feelings of unworthiness affecting your ability to achieve your dreams?

The Right Way to Help an Addict in Your Family with Arden O’Connor

How can families of addicts avoid codependent and enabling behavior?

One Year – No Beer with Andy Ramage

Can you quit drinking in today’s culture?

Social Anxiety, Self-Image, and Addiction with Sasha Tozzi

What Happens When You Get Sober And You’re Still A Mess?

The Dive Bar with Bonnie Pelletier Donahue

One woman’s story of owning a dive bar and still crushing it in recovery!

Wake the Hero with Wesley Chapman

Wesley Chapman of Wake the Hero joins us on The SHAIR Podcast

Atheists, Agnostics, and Addiction Recovery with Joe C.

What might a higher power look like for atheists or agnostics?

Joe C. is here to shed some light on atheists and agnostics, and how they understand the Twelve Steps and succeed without the belief in a supernatural higher power.

Yoga for Internal Healing from Addiction with Kyczy Hawk

Can yoga help maintain long-term sobriety?