People Pleasing To People Helping


In Episode 36, Ben talks about how being a habitual people-pleaser led to his drinking to escape anxiety. He went through the ups and downs of treatment until he finally stuck with it and found a new life that includes hobbies, a fiancé, and a career in addiction recovery. A job where he actually helps people instead of simply trying to please them.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) presents “Far From Finished,” a weekly podcast that shares the real-life stories of people who survived addiction to thrive in recovery. In Episode 36, Ben talks about how his character trait of being a people pleaser led to his addiction. He got so wrapped in wanting to do well (or just seem like he was doing well) and making people happy, that he sacrificed his own personal sanity. He ended up dealing with his anxiety by indulging in alcohol. Drinking became an escape that ultimately led him down a path straight to the ICU. Physically weak and exhausted, he was ready to finally listen to suggestions after becoming aware of the wreckage that he had caused over the years. Ben started talking and seeking advice in treatment, and in return, he found the answers he was seeking. He now lives a full life with new hobbies, a fiancé and a career in addiction recovery where he goes home feeling like he’s helped someone achieve hope and the motivation to do something different in their life.

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